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Microblog: Sugar Metabolized Like Alcohol

Microblog: Sugar Metabolized Like Alcohol

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

Sugar breaks down like alcohol in the body.

🍺Alcohol and fructose break down in the liver and the brain, just like alcohol

🍷The fermentation of fructose, is wine.

💡People consider wine as healthy because of the antioxidants and polyphenols but we for many, these are antinutrients. For some it causes a reaction.

🌾With alcohol, yeast does the first step of metabolism (glycolysis).

🍇With fructose we do our own first step of metabolism.

And then it gets broken down the same

❗️The mitochondria sees both alcohol and fructose the same = excess energy.

Both excess in alcohol and sugar get punted as fat.

⚠️It’s how alcohol causes fatty liver and how sugar causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The breakdown of alcohol (by enzymes) in your body occurs in two stages:
1️⃣Alcohol to acetaldehyde
2️⃣Acetaldehyde to acetate (done primarily in the liver)

☣️Acetaldehyde is very toxic for the body. It’s what causes hangovers and adverse symptoms with alcohol.

⚠️Increased levels of acetaldehyde can also contribute to higher risk of cancers in the digestive tract.

Acetate is essentially vinegar.

💡Most alcohol is broken down by the liver but some gets broken down in the gut. In the gut it stays as acetaldehyde.

🧫The microbes in your gut produce alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes, converting alcohol into acetaldehyde.

⚖️Alcohol and fructose breakdown the same.

🔬While many carnivores know that fructose isn’t ideal in fruits and honey, alcohol isn’t ideal either.

🪞It’s something to consider when I see advocates yell at the sugar consumers but sip on alcohol.

📺 Full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7KH0SvKzLqM

🎙Full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10693876-dangers-of-processed-foods-dr-robert-lustig

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