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Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @lonestarketogirl⠀

Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @lonestarketogirl⠀

🔦Spotlight Sunday is with @lonestarketogirl

Carnivore Diet Success Story

🥩DIGESTIVE ISSUES: I’ve struggled with digestive issues from a very young age. Constipation was a common occurrence and very painful. When I went keto my gut issues had improved so much I thought that was what normal digestion was like. Not even close. Once I eliminated plants from my diet when I transitioned into carnivore, I experienced something so amazing that I have no desire to ever eat plants again. Zero gas, bloating, stomach pain or constipation. I seriously had no clue what optimal digestion felt like. I had come to accept the new normal. It may be “normal” according to today’s standards, but it doesn’t have to be!⠀

🥩ROSACEA: I developed rosacea in my early 20s and as the years went by, it got so bad that I had spider veins coming off my nose area like alcoholics have. I also had little acne like bumps across my cheeks. I turned so red when it was triggered that I looked like I had a severe sunburn. It was horribly embarrassing. If I had one drink, I’d look like Rudolph. You could judge my mood by how red my face turned. After going keto, much of the above improved, but I still had some blushing mainly across my nose. About 6 months into carnivore, the leftover redness started to fad. Almost a year later, it’s pretty much gone. HUGE improvement.⠀

🥩BLOOD PRESSURE: When I transitioned to carnivore, I was still on one medication for BP. A few months into carnivore, I was able to wean off the last med. It’s incredibly freeing to no longer be tied to medicine.⠀

Tips for Going Meat-Based

1️⃣If you need to ease into carnivore instead of jumping in with both feet, that’s okay. It’s the end-game, not how you got there. Every little improvement you make is a step in the right direction.⠀

2️⃣Don’t be so worried about being perfect or doing it “right.” You don’t have to eat organ meat or buy only grass fed meat or eat only raw meat, etc. Lots of dogmatic thinking out there. Figure out what works for YOU and what YOU can afford. You will only know what’s working for you if you experiment and listen to your body. Don’t let someone else dictate your journey.

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