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Microblog: Spotlight Sunday Is with @dannyvega.ms

On Sundays, I spotlight one of your inspirational carnivore stories to share with the community. It takes a village and in this case, it’s this amazing tribe.

🔦Spotlight Sunday is with @dannyvega.ms.

🥩 CRAVINGS: When it comes to cravings, the difference I felt between my ketogenic diet & my carnivore diet was even greater than the improvements I saw when I switched from a standard diet to keto.

🥩 PHYSICAL STRENGTH: I also saw a vast improvement in my rowing & finally broke a sub 1:20 500m & 3 state records! 

Many people report improved physical ability, minimized cravings, and support for breaking food addiction with this way of eating. The carnivore diet may offer the healing benefits you’ve been looking for. 

1️⃣ EAT NOSE TO TAIL. Eat the whole animal! Make organs, broths & meat on the bone an integral part of your menu
2️⃣ ELECTROLYTES. Be mindful of your electrolyte balance. If you train hard, consume extra salt!
3️⃣ SOURCING. Know where your meat comes from & how it was raised. Buy local as much as possible!

Some people starting a low-carb, meat-based diet may require supplementation temporarily until they’re adapted. Things like betaine HCl, ox bile, digestive enzymes, and sole water may serve as important tools as you get started. These are meant to be temporary supports – if you’re finding that you’re not adapting after 3-6 months of being on the carnivore diet, look for a deeper root cause.

🧠MINDSET: YOU decided to do this challenge—no one else put you put you up to this! Remember this when you feel tempted to eat something that will break the challenge or when you’re surrounded by people eating junk.

🐄Some say these are just anecdotal stories. I say, maybe. But there’s no harm in trying carnivore. If you have physical and mental symptoms, try it. Worse case, you can always go back to your present diet. Or you may just join our carnivore tribe and be part of the “not-valid-science,” body of anecdotal stories that #meatheals. ♥️

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