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Microblog: Broths with Onions, Carrots, and Celery

Microblog: Broths with Onions, Carrots, and Celery

Most broths use a combination of onions, carrots and celery. It’s so common that there’s a French term for it—mirepoix.

🚧But these benign looking foods can actually do harm with their antinutrients.

🎙In many of my podcast interviews, I was asked about the safest plant-based foods. There really isn’t any specific plant that is safe for everyone. I searched long and hard while writing @CarnivoreCure.

🗒I did end up choosing a top ten plant-based food list to start with, but don’t get excited because the list looks pretty boring to me (sorry).

❌All plants contain antinutrients. So, when you see lists for the safest plant-based foods, be wary. All plants have toxins. It’s the way they protect themselves.

📚I still wanted to know what plant had what toxins. This is how the @CarnivoreCure food database was created. You will get access to database of several hundred foods and see if it is:

🔸OKAYed on well-known elimination diets (AIP, FODMAP, GAPS, WHOLE30, WAHLS, SCD). Yes, I did a lot of research trying to figure out the safest top 10.
🔸Affects sensitivities like gluten, casein and histamines,
🔸And also lists many of the antinutrient categories.

⛑You no longer need someone’s opinion on the safest foods. You can find the safest plant foods for your own needs.

Back to mirepoix. Here’s an example of the nuances of plant toxins:

Possible histamines
Low in oxalates
Low in salicylates
Has phytates
Low in lectins
Allium (like nightshade)
Cyanogenic glycoside

Root vegetable (use extra herbicides/pesticides for growth)
Organic carrots soaked in Citrox (essentially a antimicrobial)
Conventional carrots soaked in Chorine
(wash all your carrots well. Ignore the “ready to eat”
Very high in oxalates (boiled has medium—where do you think the oxalates went?)
Moderate salicylates
Has Polyphenols
Has Flavinoids

Moderate use for AIP
Moderate use for FODMAP
Very high in oxalates
Low in lectins
Has flavonoids
Low in histamines
(pending more research)

💡Not all antinutrients will affect you but know that when you do eat plant-based foods, no plant is free of toxic antinutrients

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