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Microblog: Meat-Based Diet – What to Eat

Sample of what to eat on a meat-based diet.

🦴Aged meats usually are higher in histamines or can cause more histamines to release in the body.

🧬Histamines are chemicals created in the body that is released by white blood cells into the blood when the immune system is defending against a potential allergen.

💡If you are trying a meat-based diet to eliminate some of your allergy and autoimmune symptoms, it’s better to remove foods with higher histamine counts while you heal the gut.

⛑I talk about histamine intolerance and the critical importance of healing the gut in @carnivorecure. Reducing high histamine foods is a bandaid (but necessary initially) but the root cause is to heal the gut.

🌟Healing the gut will allow your immune system to handle more histamines. Of course this is bioindividual but most people can get better.

🥛Dairy can have histamines and the pasteurized forms aren’t as ideal. Raw dairy is optimal because it is more nutrient-dense, supports gut-healing and has all the natural enzymes intended to be in dairy.

🐟Try fish eggs, as they are nutrient-powerhouses. Salmon roe is one of my favorites but it’s an acquired taste. All eggs are nature’s perfect food.

🍳You may need to do yolks only initially if you can’t tolerate eggs as most of the sensitivities are in the egg white proteins.

🥩If you only prefer muscles meats, that’s perfectly fine. We don’t need to count and measure every single nutrient to make sure we are eating optimally.

🚨If we don’t eat the way conventional dietitians recommended, maybe we don’t need to follow their Recommended Daily Allowances. (I do keep an eye on the excessive ones though…)

🧂Monitor your electrolytes and salt consumption. You need more salt on a meat-based diet, especially if you’re new. We don’t retain as much water without carbs. You will feel the effects of mineral imbalances quickly.

💦Try sole water in the mornings https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/balancing-electrolytes-blood-pressure-and-sole-water-recipe/

💡If anything, removing all processed vegetable oils, packaged carbs and grains. Removing these basics can go a long way.

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