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Microblog: Meat and Greenhouse Gas

Microblog: Meat and Greenhouse Gas

Bill Gates says wealthy countries should stop eating meat and choose plant-based alternatives to combat climate change. Let’s not consider that he has investments in synthetic meat companies or that he’s now the largest owner of US farm land (or if climate change is real).

📚But let’s assume meat IS the problem. I wrote a full chapter in @CarnivoreCure on this incredibly false statement.

💡Since numbers don’t lie, let me show you my math, sourced from only the most trustworthy US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and UN’s FAO. (sarcasm here)

❌US livestock is NOT largely responsible for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Per the EPA, beef cattle production was responsible for only 1.9% of total US GHG emissions in 2014.

🥩In fact, US beef production advances has DECREASED GHG emissions PER POUND of beef 9-16% from the 1970s to present.

☀️Climate change isn’t caused by livestock. During the pandemic, animals were never shut down yet the air was cleaner. (NO2 fell by 70% in some areas).

🌱Sorry, these vegan meats won’t make a dent in climate change. These foods, made from monocrops are causing MORE harm to the environment than any type of livestock. The worst part is that these monocrops are toxic to human health.

💰Yet marketing is so good that eating meat substitutes costs more $/lb than grassfed meat.

❓So how the 1.9?

🔎You have to rummage through the tables but you can get the data. You’d think EPA would create a chart to breakdown this info in the 558-page report.

🤷🏻‍♀️Almost like they’re trying to hide the data?

🌽There’s data on corn yield and GHG emissions. Some of us believe that livestock consumes most of the US corn but most grain fed livestock eat the non-edible parts of the corn and other grains.

🚨Next time someone says, “if we became plant-based, we can save all the vegetation (land) that goes into feeding animals, end world hunger and save the planet.”— know it’s completely false.

🐄Swipe for UN’s data on methane and ruminant meats. UN’s livestock GLOBAL methane impact on GHGs is 0.0638 or 6% and accounts for 1.8% of total US’s greenhouse gas emissions. 🧐

♻️Spread the word. It was NEVER the meat.







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  • rory
    October 30, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Meat is responsible when you consider methane (the greenhouse gas that cows and sheep emit) is over 84 more efficient at trapping heat than co2. Therefore, it is much worse than co2 and heats the planet more.

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