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Microblog: Healing Is Possible – Believe that You Can Heal

Microblog: Healing Is Possible – Believe that You Can Heal

Since having to collect the details of my healing journey for the upcoming carnivore documentary, I decided to share my full, uncensored story on my blog. I share the ugly details that brought me broken to carnivore and desperate for healing.

🥀Writing this blog post, I felt a lot of shame and embarrassment. But I also know it will help at least one person.

And this is the ONLY reason I share.

🌟H O P E

Being meat-based is not always easy.

🥩I choose meat because I choose health and freedom. I choose to be a wife to my husband and to be present in my children’s lives. I choose to serve and be a part of a greater purpose than me. I choose community. I choose love.

And an easy way to do this is by using food AS medicine.

📚I choose to research because I have the ability to do so. Not everyone has the time and luxury (or care) to research as I do. I take that as a gift (sometimes a burden) that I choose to share.

My purpose of being here is stronger than ever.

👥If it helps even one person, I will always share. Even if it makes me wrong about an ideology from a year ago, I will share.

I’m not here for prestige, credit, or money. Honestly, who cares.

🤕None of that matters when you are in a mental health facility not understanding why you are on a mandatory hold, against your will. (My blog post shares the details.)

🔑Removing most of the toxins in our foods and eating meat-based will bring so much healing. You will only know if you start with that and then pull levers as you go.

🥩But starting with a baseline of meat has made all the difference in my life. And I know it can for you too.

🙏🏼BELIEVE you can heal. Miracles happen. But you must have hope and you must believe healing can happen.

⛑I share my incredibly raw and personal story because if it helps even one person have the fight to eat meat-based and fight for better, then it’s more than worth sharing. Helping someone IS something worth being here for.



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