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Microblog: Gut Healing – 6 Important Things to Strengthen Your Gut

Microblog: Gut Healing – 6 Important Things to Strengthen Your Gut

Gut healing is not just your diet.

🧬It’s a LARGE part of healing as we can tame the immune response to food toxins (e.g., plant-based foods).

😭But we see people eat SOME plant-based foods and have decent gut health.

👥Genetics absolutely plays a role in gut health. Some people just win the genetic lottery and can do anything with their health and thrive.

But not all of us.

Not most of us.

🌟But as the study of epigenetics believes our lifestyle determines what genes are turned on/off, we can play to our strengths.

🥩Eating a meat-based diet can do wonders for our gut. Some of us may need to tweak our microbiome bugs and eat favorably to our genes but usually, there are bigger levers to pull.

Reducing stress is critical to gut health.

🥀If you have chronic stress in the body, it creates chronic, low-dose inflammation. This can include mental stressors, trauma, and even physical stress.

Stress is toxic.

Here’s some reasons:
⚠️The immune system is weakened with constant stress.

⚠️The gut is more permeable with constant stress.

⚠️The endocrine health (hormones + thyroid, etc), shuttles most raw materials to produce cortisol. Too much cortisol is never good.

⁉️Is it the low/no-carb diet or the fact that we over-exercise, under-eat, under-sleep, over-think, over-consume-social-media, over-fast and over-stress?

Just a thought.

💤 We need sleep. It’s where our memories get organized (search: sleep spindles) and we detox. We sleep almost 33% of our life.

❓So why do we always make sleep a low priority?

🏋🏻‍♀️Exercise and movement has as much power as taking an antidepressant. A meat-based diet is healing but healthy doses of movement make it even better.

🛡Focus on strengthening your gut. Your entire body (and mental health) will thank you for it.

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