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Microblog: COVID-19 Vaccine – Should You Get It?

Microblog: COVID-19 Vaccine – Should You Get It?

If you can’t tell by now, I love researching and searching for truth on certain topics. I also like to write and make visuals that make sense. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

📚This is why I wrote @CarnivoreCure and why there are so many graphics. Sometimes the image never leaves your memory.

📖I just wrote a long paper/article/blog post. There’s one graphic that I can’t get out of my head—and that’s the one that says “RETRACTED” in big block, red letters. (see the post and you’ll see which image).

🔎I spent a lot of time researching to write this and I’ll make updates as needed. And while I tried really hard to stay out of controversial topics, I just couldn’t help myself. (Sorry if you think this isn’t me staying in my lane).

❓I ask a lot of questions in this post and I hope that you find my digging, helpful.

👶🏻If you have young children, I highly recommend you read this blog post.

👀If there is any blog post you should read from @nutritionwithjudy, it’s this one.

🤺I also don’t want this to become a war of differing minds. I’ve seen enough of it online and it frankly saddens/disgusts me.

👥I hope you realize: we’re all on the same team.

📚I hope you take the time to read the paper. I tried to be as balanced as possible and only cited mainstream outlets and journals.

💉More than anything, I hope it sheds light and allows you to make the most informed decision for yourself and your loved ones.

📫And if you find the research helpful, please share as it’s so imperative for people (especially parents of little ones) to read.

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