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Microblog: COVID-19 Corona Virus – Signs and Symptoms

Microblog: COVID-19 Corona Virus – Signs and Symptoms

Sharing an excerpt from today’s newsletter that went out with a free immune support guide. Make sure to sign up — link in stories.

🎙Rogan had an infectious disease specialist on his podcast. Although, I don’t agree with Osterholm on some topics (e.g., reasons for recent measles outbreaks), he puts some perspective on COVID-19.

1️⃣You cannot stop the virus with a hot sauna
2️⃣Wearing gloves is pretty futile
3️⃣Washing hands and hand sanitizers are generally helpful but wiping down and using sanitizers have been seen to be INEFFECTIVE.
4️⃣Higher risk individuals in the US are not only the elderly but also people that are obese and/or have high blood pressure (traits not as common in Wuhan, China).
5️⃣Even if we have everyone quarantined in the world, once we expose ourselves, it’ll spread again. But what about the economic devastation? What about people that are dependent on drugs that are only manufactured in China but we need these drugs to live? There were 153 total drugs counted. If we close all the schools, what about the nurses that have to tend to their kids instead of their patients?
6️⃣By their estimates, it will get worse in the next 3-6 months and can be worse than the flu deaths by 10-15X, estimating about 480,000 US deaths in the next 3-7 months.

⚠️What I’m trying to show you with this info is the importance of our own immune function. When Rogan asks Osterholm how we can best protect ourselves, his answer was by being healthy.

💥The prominent disease specialist who studies contagious diseases around the world says the best way to protect yourself from the Corona Virus is to be healthy (read: have a strong immune system).

❗️Washing hands and wearing masks will essentially be ineffective as just breathing near a person that is a carrier, not necessarily symptomatic, can transmit the disease. JUST BREATHING.⠀

🚨It is more critical than ever to take care of your body, your gut health and your immune system. By eating meat, removing carbs and sugars, and toxic seed oils, you are giving your body a better chance at fighting off COVID-19.⠀

🥩Yes, meat does really heal. Because it gives your immune system a fighting chance.

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