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You can view and purchase additional supplements on Judy’s Fullscript site.

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Here’s a sample of some of the supplements found on Judy’s Fullscript site.

Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Biotin, Pure Encapsulations, 8mg
Potassium 99mg Chelated Colostrum, Douglas Labs, 1000 mg
Bone Meal Powder Colostrum, Pure Encapsulations, 900 mg
Calcium Lactate Plus Colostrum, BIOTICS, Immuno-gG®
Lithium Orotate Thiamine, Seeking Health 50 mg
Magnesium Chelate Complex Vitamin D3 + K2, Seeking Health
Magnesium Chelate Tablets ProBiota 12 26 Billion CFU, Seeking Health
Vitamin E-400 Copper Glycinate, Pure Encapsulations
Vitamin K2 Bioglycozyme Forte, 90 Capsules
Iodoral 12.5 Neonatal Multi-Gland, 60 Tablets
Iodoral 50 Potassium 99 mg
GSH Plus Biotics Bio-6-Plus, Biotics, Pancreas
Acetyl-CH™ Active Apex Energetics Proflora4R Restorative Probiotic Combination, Biocidin
NAC 600 MG Pure Encapsulations Biocidin® Capsules – Potent Broad Spectrum, Biocidin
NAC 500 MG Seeking Health G.I. Detox, Biocidin
Bio-HPF Biocidin LSF Liposomal Formula Liquid, Biocidin
Potassium, K+2 Potassium 300mg
Designs for Health
Interfase Plus, Klaire Labs
Mega Myco Balance Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced, Priority One
Acetyl L Carnitine, Integrative Therapeutics Ultra Binder Universal Toxin Binder, Quicksilver Scientific
Pylori-X Ultra Binder Sensitive Formula, Quicksilver Scientific
DIM-I3C Estrogen Support – Seeking Health ACZ nano Zeolite Extra Strength
Results RNA
Estrovite, Apex Energetics Digestive Enzyme, Professional Formulas
Choline Bitartrate 500mg, Douglas Labs Ox Bile 500 mg, Allergy Research Group
Riboflavin, Seeking Health, 400 mg & MORE


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