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Our Family Has COVID

Our Family Has COVID

Sent by JUDY CHO | January 8, 2022


Happy New Year!


I hope you’re having a good start to the new year. Our family was in Miami for the holidays and on either the last day of the trip or on the flight back, we got COVID-19. What started out as a simple sore throat turned out to be the virus.


We are grateful for our health and never take it for granted, especially now. My parents also tested positive back in Los Angeles and they took some of the recommendations from American Frontline Doctors and are doing well.


STUDY OF THE WEEK — Early Treatment COVID-19 Protocol

I take COVID-19 seriously in that you can get sick and really sick. Early treatment is very important. I highly recommend having all the resources you need in case you do get the virus. If you try to get all the supplements and alternative medications once you have the virus, it might be too late.


Be prepared.


This list shares some of the recommendations for early treatment. I also recommend watching Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr. McCullough and separately with Dr. Malone.


You can order some of the alternative medications here, too. Make sure to work with your trusted practitioner for dosage specifics.


One other supplement my family took was L-Arginine.


Since my family has now had COVID-19, I can talk about our experiences. Both my parents have chosen to not get vaccinated. They are both 70 years old and meat-based. Both had Type II diabetes and high cholesterol but since being meat-based, they do not take any medications. They followed the AFD protocol with some of my other recommendations and after just a couple of days, they are doing well. They thought they had a cold and were frankly surprised they tested positive.


I didn’t have ivermectin so took heavier doses of quercetin and NAC. I had body aches for a couple of days but overall doing better. It felt like a really bad flu. I frankly wish I had ivermectin and wish I had planned better. (I prepared for my parents but not for myself).


My kids had a bit of a cough but no signs of being sick. They tested positive for COVID-19 and took smaller doses of quercetin, NAC and other supplements. We did take some vitamin D but not too much as I’m still on the fence about excess vitamin D supplementation.


I talked about the conflicting studies on vitamin D supplementation in Carnivore Cure but you can also see a Vitamin D study that shares how the lowest all-cause mortality lies between 20–24 ng/ml. No benefit in being above 21 ng/ml.


The study used nmol/liter, whereas most in the US are familiar with ng/ml.


  • “Vitamin D insufficiency (25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] < 50 nmol/liter) is prevalent (1–3) and has been suggested to be involved in various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, immune system diseases, and certain cancers (4–8).
  • The biomarker used for the determination of vitamin D status is 25(OH)D, rather than the biologically active hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (9)”
  • But the results are surprising when you realize insufficiency level has the lowest mortality.


Now vitamin D has a lot of studies that show better COVID-19 outcomes so to play it safe during this pandemic, I am supportive of people wanting to supplement vitamin D. Our family took small amounts this week. But once the pandemic is over, it’s something worth considering: if vitamin D supplementation is ideal or not. This will be very individualized.


Excess vitamin D can impact calcium levels and can actually be an indicator of low magnesium and other mineral levels. For now, supplement the vitamin D as you feel comfortable.



This COVID-19 mass psychosis discussion is really important. I hope you take the time and watch this video clip of Dr. Malone. It really explains why some people really believe (no matter what) that the only solution is vaccinating everyone.


My entire family is not vaccinated and we were not a burden on the healthcare system. Not one of us went to the doctor and as soon as we found out we had COVID-19, we quarantined. Some people may need the vaccine but not everyone does.


Please watch the video clip on Dr. Malone’s explanation of mass psychosis.






No one said striving for optimal health would be easy. No one said healing would be easy.

🥀Some days are harder than others. Some days, we are simply tired and unmotivated. We’ve been eating clean for X amount of days and still no noticeable weight loss.

Might as well eat anything we want, right?

🤕Some days it seems easier to stop focusing on goals and stop making healthier choices.

💊Sometimes it just seems easier to take the blood pressure medication or the blood sugar-lowering medication than to limit carbohydrates.


🦋In #Carnivore75Hard, we say We Do Hard. For 75 days, we commit to doing 75 days of HARD because changing habits isn’t easy.

⚠️But living the life we did before #Carnivore75Hard was hard too.

🥩Eating meat-based can be hard. Socially and mentally, it can be hard.

⚠️But eating carbohydrates and plant-based foods was hard too. Hard enough that we wanted a drastic change.

🚨It’s easy to forget why we decided to change our diet or our daily habits. But if we paused for a second, we know whatever we were doing, wasn’t working.

⚖️It’s hard to work out but it’s harder dealing with a weakened body.

⚖️It’s hard to see a less-than-ideal body figure that you’re working to get healthy. But it’s harder to see and be in a sick body.

⚖️It’s hard to stop turning to sugars and coping foods. But it’s harder to deal with the emotional and physical stress of disordered eating behaviors.

🍭The momentary dopamine rush seems exciting but the result is never easy.

⛑No one said striving for change and optimal health would be easy. But each day you choose the right (hard) decision, you will be one step closer to better days (med-free, pain-free, better moods).

💡And those better days are worth every bit of hard.♥️


CATG PODCAST: What to Eat on Carnivore

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain podcast, Laura and I talk about what and how to eat on carnivore.

  • How Laura and Judy shop and what they buy
  • Sourcing: Grass finished vs grain finished
  • Cooking methods
  • What we eat and leftovers
  • Eating out
  • What to do with cheese
  • When to track and when not to
  • Gaining weight on carnivore
  • Should you start meat-only or meat-based carnivore?
  • Sugar as a stimulant
  • Organs — Do we need them on a carnivore diet?


Listen Now!




Carnivore Cure is the first elimination protocol to explain how to adopt a meat-based diet to bring about healing. Get back to optimal health by finding the perfect foods to fuel your individual body.


Carnivore Cure starts with meats that have the least number of allergens and sensitivities. Once you reach a baseline of health, then you can incorporate other meats that may have previously caused a sensitivity. As you heal the gut, if you choose to, you can slowly add back plant-based foods.


This book provides you a step-by-step protocol to optimal health while also providing you extensive nutritional information and support for a meat-based diet, including debunking nutrition misinformation and providing lifestyle support through the lens of holistic health.


YOU CAN HEAL. Because the right food is medicine.


Eliminate the wrong foods and eat the right foods for you, and you alone. Take your life back with the Carnivore Cure.


NwJ PODCAST: Low Carb Keto as Medicine | Real Life Plus Science Behind the Diet with Dr. Eric Westman


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Westman. I love his approach because it’s very accessible and everything he shares is not only backed by science but also what he sees with his patients.

  • Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity book
  • Cholesterol and the belief that it’s causing cardiovascular disease
  • Risk of eating too many carbohydrates with fats and proteins
  • Thoughts on keto causing ketoacidosis and that carbs are essential for optimal health
  • End Your Carb Confusion book
  • Thoughts on PUFAs
  • Thyroid health and Keto
  • Can insulin be too low?
  • The power of food
  • Food addiction element
  • Testosterone health and Keto
  • Thoughts on being in and out of ketosis
  • Simple rules are needed to achieve success
  • Internet-based keto vs. evidence-based keto
  • 10 Tips and thoughts on low energy after doing keto for a while
  • Cholesterol class
  • Thoughts on LDL going up


You can listen here and watch here.


Watch Now!



Our Nutrition with Judy team is expanding and should be able to take on new clients in February. You will be the first to know!


I am honored for all the requests to work with me and as soon as I can expand the team, we will take on more clients to help you get to root cause healing.


I wish you health and happiness for all of 2022. Thank you for being part of the Nutrition with Judy community.



with ♥️ and hope for healing,




While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.