Evidence-Based Reasons for WHY Carnivore

If you watched the YouTube episode , you may want the 65+ page lecture slides of Why Carnivore is IDEAL for optimal health. These graphics share The Case for Carnivore.

If you haven’t watched the episode, make sure to watch to have more color into each slide.

If you wish there was a lecture on WHY carnivore is ideal, this talk and the slides are for you.

If you wonder about diabetes, insulin, cholesterol, and statins, this talk and the slides are for you.

If you worry about carbohydrates and hormones, or vitamin C, fiber and much more, this talk and the slides are for you.

If you wish you can share a video and infographics as to WHY carnivore is ideal for wellness, this talk and the slides are for you.

Please share this resource with those that need it!

I hope this content helps you get closer to ideal health.

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