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The Importance of (the right) Community: Austin Meat Up

carnivore diet community meat up

The Importance of (the right) Community: Austin Meat Up

carnivore diet community meat up

Community is so vital that I have a holistic health section in Carnivore Cure. The section talks about the importance of the right community. I even did a presentation at KetoCon 2020 on the importance of Community. You can watch it here.


As humans, we are naturally wired for connection. We need that connection from our communities.


Community is important for so many reasons. It helps us feel understood and provides us with a sense of belonging. We can learn rules and ideals from the right communities. Communities help us keep going with accountability. Communities provide support and safety, something we understand now more than ever. These last couple of years have not been easy. It is with a sense of community and belonging that we have been able to continue.


Excerpt from Carnivore Cure:

Seeking Community Support


Studies show the immense power of the community. It’s so powerful that if you want to adopt certain habits, merely surrounding yourself with people who already have those habits will significantly increase your chances of adopting these new habits in, long term. Designate people who will help you in specific ways. Some days you need a good reality check. Find the person who will give you tough love. Let them know their role during Carnivore Cure. If you ever waiver, you are asking them only to offer tough love.


Figure out how much you want to share with the community around you. Some may not want to support a meat-based diet. This is more about their cognitive dissonance than about you—if they agree that a carnivore diet is healthy, they will inherently have to question their way of eating.


If you have a friend who’s supportive but in a way that can sabotage your change, either stay away or meet them in less risky situations. If your friend comforts you by saying, “it’s okay to have a day of eating off-plan,” in this situation, this friend is not helpful. Figure out the proper community support that will help you to stay focused and committed.


Using Social Media Accountability

Announcing changes on social media tends to lead to higher rates of success. This is why diet bets are popular and successful. If your community is also through social media, cut out the people who clutter your feed with junk and negative thinking. Life is hard enough. You don’t need constant reminders that you’re not good enough. Surround yourself with the people you want to be.


Cutting Against the Grain Podcast: Community

Cutting Against the Grain Podcast


My co-host, Laura Spath, and I talk about Community in an episode of Cutting Against the Grain. When embarking on any big life changes, including a diet, it’s always easier when you have the support of the community. This is why meat-ups are helpful to meet like-minded friends.


Sometimes it’s lonely to follow a meat-based diet without a community. It’s easy to give up on the diet when things get hard but that’s why there are groups like MeatRX that provide community and support when first getting started.


James Clear, in Atomic Habits, talks a lot about adherence and success when we surround ourselves around a community that already has the habits we desire. In moments we struggle, they pick us up and remind us to keep going.


There’s also the phenomenon of mirror neurons. In 1999, a neurophysiologist, Giacomo Rizzolatti found that mirror neurons activate in the temporal lobe of the brain whenever we observe other people’s actions. These same neurons are also activated when we perform these actions.


Maybe if we decide to hang out with people that have ideal habits, we will eventually adopt them. After all, there are also studies that show if you hang out with people that are obese, there’s nearly a 60% chance you will be obese.


Austin Meat Up, May 2021

This May, I had the pleasure of hosting an Austin Meat-Up with several Carnivore and Meat-Based influencers. We had over 200 community members join us for some tasty meat. We shared stories of struggle and healing and most of all, we never questioned why the person we just met wasn’t eating any plant-based sides.


It was an honor to meet so many of the meat-based community and hear incredible healing stories. My heart was incredibly full after the meat-up. You can find some of the pictures from that day.





Closing Thoughts

It’s not easy finding the right community (and community can be just one other person), but once you do, it can change your life forever. I know the meat-based community has changed my life. I would not be healing from my past illnesses without you all.


And I will never ever take that for granted.



w️ith ♥ and hope for healing,


DISCLAIMER: The content is for educational purposes only. While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner, I am not providing medical advice. Whenever you start a new diet or protocol, always first consult with your trusted practitioner.

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