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NwJ Sleep Guide Cover

NwJ Sleep Guide


Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep?


Our comprehensive 26-page Sleep Guide is designed to help. It includes effective dietary and supplement recommendations, breathing exercises, and tailored lifestyle tips. Benefit from the same strategies that have helped over 2,000 Carnivore clients and patients improve their sleep.


Get practical advice and proven methods to enhance your sleep quality. If you are having trouble getting sleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to bed, consider this sleep guide that we’ve finally created after years in clinical practice.


Our guide offers valuable insights and easy-to-follow steps to support your journey to better sleep.



  • Understanding the Importance of Sleep
  • Assessing Your Sleep Needs
  • Creating an Optimal Sleep Environment
  • Root Cause Considerations
  • Developing Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Improving Sleep Quality through Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Enhancing Sleep Naturally and Supplemental Supports

As an added bonus, we will include the following free guides:

  • 31-page Carnivore Cure Cheat Sheet and NwJ resources
  • Nutrient Dense Eating Guide
  • #Carnivore75Hard Community Cookbook
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