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Without personalized tools to help improve your health, you’ll continue searching for answers while wishing you were free from…

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Our team is passionate about guiding impacted individuals find root-cause healing and is humbled to have helped so many individuals achieve optimal health. We're committed to providing better access to complimentary scientifically-backed resources and welcome you to the Nutrition with Judy community.

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Experienced Team

Working individually with hundreds of meat-based clients allows us to understand the nuances of a meat-based diet. We know the bloodwork, the diet, and our Carnivore clients.


Hey there, I'm Judy

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist | Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I am board certified in holistic nutrition with a degree in psychology, and also the author of Carnivore Cure. I take a root-cause approach to chronic illness, and help guide my clients on their health journey with a meat-based elimination diet.


I ate a plant-based diet for over a decade before I hit rock bottom. Years of poor nutrition culminated with me spending New Year’s Eve in a mental ward. Against my will.


I knew something needed to change. I started asking questions and diving into nutrition research.


Most of what we know about nutrition is wrong. Once I started eating meat-based, my health drastically changed: no more meds, no more depression. The right food is medicine.


I humbly serve to help people like you get your life back. Because we all deserve to live the life we were meant to, illness-free.

Happy Clients

I cannot speak more highly of her!! Judy Cho is an incredible resource. Not only is she knowledgable, sensitive, smart, and insightful, she also has full empathy for her clients because she’s been there. I came to work with her after 40+ years of disordered eating and she is the first person I’ve worked with who truly “gets it”, both from the physical and tactical sides of things AND the emotional side. She leads by example and her journey of healing motivated and inspired me to adopt the Carnivore diet to help heal my gut, my overall health, and my relationship with food and my body. She gave me 200% of herself and her follow up notes and instructions were full of precious details related to our session combined with positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy AND nutritional wisdom. I cannot speak more highly of her!!

Julie M. in New York

Judy is a breath of fresh air. Judy is a breath of fresh air in the “meat-based diet” space. Most carnivores think meat based fixes everything and while it is fantastic some can still have digestive / health challenges which go beyond just transitioning or salt intake. She is smart enough to realize this and is a great filter of information collaborating with other like-minded folks such as Elliot Overton and Dr. Robert Cywes . This is why I think her symptom based assessment and recommended protocols are a great place to start troubleshooting issues.

Joe L. in Massachusetts

Went above and beyond expectations. Judy has been incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, and persistent in helping me overcome long-term digestion and other problems. She was very generous with her time and went above and beyond expectations to problem solve and collaborate closely on issues I was having, not giving canned responses or band-aids, but digging deep into underlying root causes. I would recommend Judy to anyone struggling with nutritional or other health issues as a first place to look for help.

Scott M. in Massachusetts


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