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Why Meat Prices Are Going Up

Why Meat Prices Are Going Up

Sent by JUDY CHO | June 5, 2021


This week was heartwarming as I took some time to work on Carnivore Cure’s 6-month anniversary video. I tried to save all the shares and attempted to include everyone.


Thank you for an amazing six months. Between us, not including any of my time, we put down a lot of money for this book, (more than the cost of an average car) and I wasn’t sure if we’d recoup the costs.


But I firmly believe in the healing powers of a meat-based diet and I was okay with giving back to the community, in hopes of getting us back to root-cause healing.


Thank you. It’s been an incredible journey.


Carnivore Cure is 6 Months!

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and the power of our community!





This week on the Cutting Against the Grain Podcast, Laura and I talked with Paul Dykstra from Certified Angus Beef. We talked about rising meat prices and the supply chain of how our meats get to the grocery store.


Make sure to check out this podcast episode as it hits home for all of us.



We also talked about nuance and context on the podcast.


Check out my recent post on Instagram or Facebook. I discuss the importance of context and how you need to decide what is toxic for you.


I share things that make us worry. I share many Carnivore Cure chapters on sugars, plant toxins, and many other worrisome topics. I share not to fearmonger but to educate and ultimately have you decide what makes sense for you.


For me, I’d rather drink restaurant water in a plastic cup than ever order liver pâté again. I give my kids candy sometimes but I try to limit almost all food dyes.


But you may cringe at restaurant water, plastics, and sugar.


Find what works for you. I hope that I give you the resources to help you make a more informed decision.



Dr. Boz talk Keto, Hormones and Fake News

Dr. Boz and I shared an Instagram live a couple of weeks ago. The conversation is now on the Nutrition with Judy podcast and my YouTube channel. She is one of the most genuine and inspirational practitioners I have met in the space.


This is a must-watch discussion as we talk fake/real news on many controversial topics!


We discuss:

  • Do hormones and the mitochondria need carbs?
  • Is keto long-term harmful to our health?
  • Does building lean body mass improve with carbs? (vs. keto?)
  • Is keto safe for kids?
  • Importance of blood glucose and ketones?
  • What is the power of community?


Don’t miss this interview. If you’ve ever had a doubt about eating meat-based keto long-term she will quell these concerns.



In celebration of Carnivore Cure turning SIX MONTHS, I’m giving out SIX free Carnivore Cure books in this newsletter! (separate from the YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook giveaways!)


Here’s how to participate!


Respond to this email and:

1. Share why you eat meat-based. (struggles and triumphs are welcomed)

2. What am I doing well?

3. What can I do better? (or What do you need more support with?)


No restrictions on length. It can be as lengthy or as short as you wish!


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I initially shared on Instagram because carnivore graphics didn’t exist when I started. I shared what I learned because not only did it help the community but it cemented my knowledge of the material.


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I will never stop learning and I plan to continue sharing on these platforms as my heart for healing our communities has never changed.



with ♥️ and hope for healing,

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