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Why I’m Not a Fan of Organic Milk

Why I’m Not a Fan of Organic Milk

Sent by JUDY CHO | March 20, 2021


This week we made the 2-hour roundtrip drive to pick up raw goat’s milk and fresh farm eggs. Our farmer, John, has pullet (smaller) eggs on sale so we’ve been buying dozens for those. I mostly eat the egg yolk and the egg yolk is similar in size to the large eggs at stores. I call it a double win.


In Carnivore Cure, I talk in detail about eggs but you can also read my egg blog post that has carnivore-friendly egg recipes.


No, I’m Not a Fan of Store-Bought Organic Milk.



I am a huge fan of raw dairy as it has all the proper nutrients and enzymes to support the human body. And if you tell me that it’s unsafe, my son has drunk raw goat’s milk for the last 5.5 years of his life.


Over 2,000 days of raw milk and never once has he been sick from our farmer’s milk. Of course, find a trustworthy farmer — there are many. Our farmer has given our herd share community, tests run on the raw goat’s milk annually and it’s always clean.


But if you buy milk from the market, most likely it’s pasteurized.


Most of us consume pasteurized UHT (ultra-pasteurized) dairy. These processes are the reasons many of us cannot tolerate dairy.



A bold statement but your organic milk is not any better than conventional milk as any pasteurization destroys most enzymes, causes loss of vitamin content such as vitamin C, B12, B6, D, kills beneficial bacteria and promotes pathogens and allergies.


On a tangent, all almonds from CA are pasteurized (80% of the world’s almond production). Almonds aren’t required to be labeled as pasteurized and may still be labeled raw. Stop the nuts.


Homogenization makes fat molecules in milk, smaller in size. Proteins and enzymes that would normally be digested in the stomach bypass digestion and get easily absorbed into the bloodstream.


Hello, autoimmune, histamines and allergic reactions, excess mucus and/or inflammation.



Notice pasteurized, organic milk lasts much longer than conventional milk?


Or that kid’s organic milk boxes sit outside on market shelves but the half-gallons are refrigerated? One of my first blog posts at for a mommy blog was about raw, whole milk. You can read my raw dairy post here. I also break down the toxicity of a seemingly safe, organic milk formula.



Not everyone has access to raw dairy. Raw butter is hard to find. But raw cheese is a bit easier with aged, raw cheese being legal in most states. If you choose milk, choose raw milk as it can heal a sick body. Support your local farmer.


But organic UHT milk has high allergic responses and further exacerbates illness — especially in the gut.


If you can’t get raw, limit your milk consumption. (Pasteurized) grassfed butter may still be an option. But in the case of milk, any UHT (organic) should be limited. (Sorry). And no, A2 won’t make a big difference. (Sorry).


Intolerant to lactose and casein? Might just be the processed milk.


Real Milk Can Be Found at realmilk.com



More than half of my clients cannot tolerate dairy. As they heal their gut, they first try some raw milk, ghee or raw butter. I always have them follow the Carnivore Cure protocol to ensure they can slowly reintroduce the potential toxin.


You can always take the symptom burden test and get closer to your root cause healing.


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My family still consumes pasteurized dairy, mostly in the form of low-carb ice cream and cheese. I try to get raw cheese as much as possible and we stay away from all store-bought milk.


I used to buy almond milk as an alternative until I learned of oxalate toxicity, the water footprint of almonds, and the pasteurization of toxic nuts. I believe all almond milks are UHT ultra-pasteurized (and some coconut milk too).


If there’s no alternative and you eat a meat-based diet, water is not a bad option. See my newsletter from last week!



with ♥️ and hope for healing,


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