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Should You Eat Liver + Kidneys?

Should You Eat Liver + Kidneys?

Sent by JUDY CHO | May 8, 2021

Wow, what a week. I anticipated that sharing something against the status quo (even within the meat-based communities) would bring some backlash. But I didn’t realize that I would get attacked as a person and it’s been a hard pill to swallow.

But I’m a big girl (and have my faith) and know that my heart is in the right place to share this information.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I shared a YouTube and Podcast interview on the concerns of vitamin A toxicity and how liver (even kidneys) is a great (sometimes too much) source of vitamin A.

In hindsight, I realize I shouldn’t have used such a bold statement as the YouTube thumbnail and that is my fault. For that, I’m sorry if it took away from my message.

I’m hoping you have a little bit of faith in me. I’m not doing this for any other reason than to share that some people can adversely be affected by consuming too many foods and products that contain vitamin A.

And for those people, one of those foods that may be the tipping point is liver (and kidneys). 

Not everyone has to remove liver but for my content, my family and my clients, I will always have hesitation or a disclaimer before sharing anything related to liver. Considering all things, the risks now outweigh the rewards in my world of things.

If you are wondering what to eat on a meat-based diet, I wrote this a while ago (still need to update about chicken liver). It will still give you an idea of what can still cover nutrients. You can read it here.

If you want to watch the interview, you can find it here as a podcast, or here as a YouTube video.

I will be sharing more interviews on this topic so you can ultimately make your own decision.

I have also shared my own stance based on nutritional numbers. You can find it here. There are 10 graphics with a page of citations. I also shared my honest thoughts and why I even decided to share all the info in a very personal Cutting Against the Grain podcast episode here.

Some of us don’t eat dairy and eggs and consuming liver may make sense. But for those that were forcing it down for its nutritional value, even when they didn’t feel well, I shared this for you.

And I owe you an apology for being an advocate for liver and liver pate. For some people, it’s a nutrient-dense food but for some, it’s not ideal. And for giving a broad-brushed answer of it’s health benefits without considering the risks, I’m sorry.

I hope me sharing now can do some healing.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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