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Healing on Carnivore

Healing on Carnivore

Sent by JUDY CHO | May 22, 2021

When I started carnivore nearly 4 years ago, I never thought I’d be in remission with a severe eating disorder and also never have a bout of depression again.

Sure, I have some bad days but I never struggle with depression. Not a single day.

And so last Sunday, my family and I filmed for 10 hours sharing our personal stories and the nutritional science on the healing powers of a meat-based diet.

Three generations of healing (and thriving) and all because of meat.

The Korea-based SBS documentary said that at a low, 1.5M people will watch this documentary. At a high, 10M+ will watch the healing powers of a meat-based diet.

This is how we bring about change. One personal healing story at a time.

So I decided to share my full, uncensored story that brought me broken to carnivore, desperate for healing.

Writing this blog post, I felt a lot of shame and embarrassment. But I also know it will help at least one person.

This is a picture of us video chatting with Caleb while he was in Los Angeles and I was in Austin getting help in an intensive eating disorder facility. Every night I called him, I tried to make him laugh. Every night we hung up, I cried, angry that I had failed as a mom.

You can read more in the blog post.

When I started healing on a carnivore keto diet, I wanted my parents to start because they had so many physical ailments.

In 6 months, my mom:
🌟Reversed her T2 diabetes (180s with metformin to 110 on average in the AM and no medications)
🌟No longer needs her asthmatic inhaler at night. She doesn’t have any form of asthma. 
🌟Healed her edema (pain and swelling)
🌟Healed her dermatitis

In 1 year, my dad:
🌟Lowered his triglycerides from 277 to 96
🌟Stopped 30+ years of GERD medication (Prilosec, Tagamet, etc)
🌟Healed perpetuating low moods

And my boys:
🌟Eat meat-based and rarely get sick.
🌟They eat about 8–10 ounces of steak, 6 eggs, butter, and raw goat’s milk daily.
🌟And they’re only 4 and 6 years old.

I will share a future blog post on details of my parent’s healing journey.

Judy’s Dad, Pre-Carnivore

Judy’s Dad, Post-Carnivore


Being meat-based is not always easy.

I choose meat because I choose health and freedom. I choose to be a wife to my husband and to be present in my children’s lives. I choose to serve and be a part of a greater purpose than me. I choose community. I choose love.

And an easy way to do this is by using food as medicine.

I choose to research because I have the ability to do so. Not everyone has the time and luxury (or care) to research as I do. I take that as a gift (sometimes a burden) that I choose to share. (This coming week, I will be sharing another vitamin A evidence-based interview).

If it helps even one person, I will always share. Even if it makes me wrong about an ideology from a year ago, I will share.

I’m not here for prestige, credit, or money. Honestly, who cares.

None of that matters when you are in a mental health facility not understanding why you are on a mandatory hold, against your will. (My blog post shares the details.)

Removing most of the toxins in our foods and eating meat-based will bring so much healing. You will only know if you start with that and then pull levers as you go.

But starting with a baseline of meat has made all the difference in my life. And I know it can for you too.

with β™₯️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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