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FEARMONGERED with Studies? Time to Detox.

FEARMONGERED with Studies? Time to Detox.

Sent by JUDY CHO | October 16, 2021

This week I shared a lot about detoxing specific organs. I know it’s not specific to meat-based nutrition but properly detoxing is critical for optimal health. Remember, the toxic load matters. If we have too many toxins in the body or that we’re exposed to, we will adversely impact our health.

Our lymph, skin, lungs, kidney, and especially our liver, need to function optimally in order to detox properly.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the toxic load is to eat a meat-based diet. You remove a lot of the toxins in plant-based foods and you can start healing other root-cause imbalances like the digestive system.


I come across and read many studies in a week. I share some insight in my posts or podcasts in passing, but in general, I share mostly with the clients I meet that week.

Now there are benefits and dangers of studies. I have a section in Carnivore Cure about how people can misinterpret or already have an end-in-mind when making (and even sharing) studies.

Remember, studies are made by humans. There will always be some element of confirmation bias, user bias, statistical sampling issues, and more. I see this a lot.

Lately, some people use studies to endorse every which way they swing.

The way I’ll be sharing studies is focused on helping you find levers and possible reasons for root cause imbalances.

Adding a section to my newsletter called Study of the Week will help me to share this info with you. You can skip this if you’re not big into new evidence-based studies but if you are, make sure to read this section.

For this week, one study showed that acetylcholine deficiency (acetyl is the version that can enter the brain) can be a reason for less than ideal sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can try two egg yolks with a little bit of fat and salt with dinner. See if it helps you sleep better. If it doesn’t, then try it before bed.

Interestingly, if you struggle with decreased uptake of the acetylcholine transporter, you might struggle with choline absorption in the rest of the body. This becomes an issue if you eat a high-fat diet as you need choline for optimal bile production. Choline assists with fat digestion and supports healing fatty liver imbalances.

So if you struggle with sleep, try some choline. If you’ve already tried ox bile, lipase and other digestive enzymes, yet loose stools persist, try some choline.

Sometimes the amount in eggs won’t be enough. You can try a supplement until you get the bile to flow better.

If your loose stools are still not improving, it may be time to do a stool test to get to deeper issues than dietary transitions and bile imbalances.

When we use studies in ways to support us rather than fearmonger, it can be pretty powerful.

Please make sure to share this newsletter with anyone that needs this information.


We need good gut health for optimal health. Two reasons:
1. Most of our immune system is in the gut
2. We break down and absorb all of our nutrients through the digestive process.

✖️Without good gut health, you lack raw materials and building blocks to support the body and its functions.

🌾 Identify food sensitivities + avoid inflammatory foods (gluten, grains, vegetable oils, sugar, soy, corn, all packaged, processed foods)

🛡Heal and seal your gut, with food + gut-healing supports.

💊Consider digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, bile support, ACV, butyric acid, probiotics, and soil-based spore probiotics, (only if needed binders, food-grade diatomaceous earth, charcoal, and bentonite clay)

🍽 Intermittent fasting

🙏🏼Take the time to sit down during mealtimes, practice mindfulness be present (and aware) when eating.

🧘🏼‍♀️Don’t eat while upset or stressed.

🏃🏻‍♀️Don’t eat while on the go (as much as possible).

🐢Make sure to eat slow. Chew well.

💧Limit water around meal times as it dilutes stomach acid.

✖️Acid-blocking drugs
✖️Abusing colonics/enemas
✖️GMO foods
✖️Candida overgrowth

🥩Eating a meat-based diet will help support the gut by giving an imbalanced gut the most bioavailable nutrient-dense foods.

💡Trust your gut feelings.

📖If you need gut supports and are not sure which one, read this article: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/gut-supports-that-you-need-right-now/

CATG PODCAST: Does Restriction Lead to Bingeing?

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain podcast, Laura and I deep dive into a listener’s question about sugar restriction and bingeing triggers.

  • Is Sugar Addiction Real?
  • Restriction and Bingeing
  • Carnivore and Low-Fat
  • Food for Comfort
  • Defining Strict
  • Win the Day
  • Examining Habits
  • Ownership
  • IUD, Cortisol — Community Q&A

Listen Now!

NwJ PODCAST: Why Oral Health May Be Why You Aren’t Healing

Kaye McClaren is a client who recently had en bloc explant surgery. This conversation is important on many levels. We talk about the possible harms of implants (of anything within the body) and even the self-worth component of why we decide to even add to our existing selves.

Kaye also wrote a blog post so we can share her pictures. The pictures are pretty intense so I put them at the very end of the blog post. I highly recommend watching the interview and reading the blog post.

You can listen to the podcast version, here.

Most importantly, I hope you share with those who have breast implants and not feeling well or with someone that is contemplating getting implants. People should always have the right to make better-informed decisions.

  • Signs of Breast Illness
  • Carnivore Diet and Breast Illness
  • Risks of Improper Explanting
  • Breast Implant Statistics
  • Are Breast Implants Safe for Anyone?
  • Mindset (not enough and trauma)
  • What Kaye is Healing Now
  • Best Tips for Explants
  • The Process of Removal
  • Resources for Healing and Detox
  • How long after did Kaye realize something was wrong?
  • What if you just put in new implants?
  • Implants a choice after a mastectomy?
  • How intense is the removal process compared to getting them?
  • Does insurance cover removal?

Watch Now!


Since I’m introducing studies into my newsletter, instead of sharing on social media and getting hate mail with some people, I’m going to share my IMHOs here. I hope it helps you to read studies on your own, as well.

A few people reached out to me asking for my thoughts on some studies mentioned in the meat-based community. Here’s some of my thoughts:




Read Study 1, here.

This study was used to prove that diabetics can eat honey and have no issues with glucose levels (and triglycerides). Ergo, T2Ds can eat honey.

1) What did the control eat?
2) What was the overall diet for both groups?
3) Why were adjustments made?




Read Study 2, here.

While this study is more of a meta-analysis, I’d say it says the exact opposite results. But what do 4000+ independent studies know.




Read study 3, here.


1) Note the sample size

2) Note the timeframe

Thyroid medications can take months, even years to find a better thyroid hormone balance.

11 days is exceptional.


Read study 4, here.

This study was performed on 3 to 10-year-old children with epilepsy.


1) Does this apply to adults?

2) Does this apply to the population of people without epilepsy?

In 2015, 1.2% of the U.S. population had active epilepsy. (source)



Hmm. Seems like T3 can also lower in just 4 days of undereating and exercise. But it also seems that if you eat enough, it can undo any imbalances. See the study here.

You see, I can cite studies too, all day long. I choose not to. I don’t need to prove that eating fatty cuts of meat in abundance, is one of the keys to root-cause healing. I did that with Carnivore Cure.

What you should take from this is that T3 can be affected by many things and also, don’t forget that T3 is also in our peripheral tissues and the gut which never gets measured in bloodwork.


Final Thoughts

I see way too many obese children and no, telling them to consume honey daily instead of gummy bears is not the answer.

Always do your own research. Be careful with who and what you consume. They say it takes less than 10 times to hear something false to start believing it’s real.

As leaders, we should always be extra thoughtful when serving. The burden is ours to bear. For me, I think of my clients, my parents, and my children’s generation when I share information.

And that is why I explained in greater detail, here.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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