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Don’t Eat This Daily on Carnivore

Don’t Eat This Daily on Carnivore

Sent by JUDY CHO | February 7, 2021

What a week. I had a jam-packed week of client sessions (we laughed, cried, and got mad together!), I attempted to do a 7-day water fast and ended on day 4.5, and I posted some exciting infographics on social media. I’m also continuing the long trek to finish Carnivore Cure’s audiobook. (Kudos to anyone that has ever read an audiobook,)

I will share a vlog experience of my extended day fast soon but this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Carnivore Shouldn’t Be Beef Only

Beef only is ideal when you are healing the body and using meat as an elimination diet. But beef only shouldn’t be the only food on the menu, long-term. Sure, there are anecdotal stories of people who do beef only for decades but I can count them on one hand.

And if you don’t like beef liver, I may be giving you a much desired ‘get out of jail’ free card.

I break down why eating beef liver daily can be harmful and why you should optimally eat a carnivore variety (rainbow of meats) here.

Make sure to read the blog post as I went into detail about why beef alone isn’t ideal and what foods you can eat to round your carnivore diet to be the most optimal.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Read the Blog Post

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

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