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Detoxing, Optimizing Carnivore and My Mistake

Detoxing, Optimizing Carnivore and My Mistake

Sent by JUDY CHO | March 19, 2022


Last week I mentioned the Pfizer data release. I wanted to clarify one section that I stated incorrectly (and I apologize for the error).


I stated that the Appendix was all the adverse events after the Pfizer vaccine. That was incorrect. The appendix shares all adverse events that the vaccine makers had to monitor that can come about from all vaccines.


it’s a slight but important distinction and I wanted to make sure I clarified this point. I want to make sure that I’m always honest with my content. I know that my content can impact people’s lives and I never ever take that fact delicately.


The other numbers in terms of the not recovered and fatal outcomes are correct.


STUDY OF THE WEEK — Why Beef + Liver doesn’t Work Long-Term

Instead of sharing a study this week, I’m sharing my summation of content I’ve been sharing over the past 12 months. When I first shared about carnivore and the risks of excess liver consumption, it didn’t go over too well with some people. This solo video shares:

  • why too much liver is not ideal
  • hypervitaminosis A and copper toxicity
  • why we should eat a variety of meats if we do carnivore, long-term
  • why Dr. Baker may have fared better than Dr. Saladino on a meat-only carnivore diet
  • why beef only isn’t ideal
  • why grass finished vs grain fed doesn’t really matter in terms of nutrition
  • why mineral balancing is important and how we can do it with foods


I tried to be as concise as possible so this information can get shared. I only shared this information to help people heal, especially when meat-only isn’t working for some people.


Remember, everyone is different. So what works for one person may not work for another person. Find what works for you by really trusting your body’s cues. If you have mental and physical imbalances, you may need to dig deeper. And one way is by taking a closer look at your diet.



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From @CarnivoreCure: Awareness around the dangers of soy are causing plant-based foods to use pea proteins. Pea protein is made from extracting proteins from yellow pea legumes.⠀

❌Pea protein is not a complete protein as it is missing methionine (has next to none). If you want to substitute by adding soy protein, sorry, it’s also missing methionine.⠀

⚠️Peas can cause food sensitivities. Peas can cause issues with people susceptible to gout. Pea protein does not contain essential fatty acids which are critical for optimal health. Likely the reason Beyond Meat has the legume disclaimer.⠀

‼️As pea protein extracts and powders are not considered food but a supplement, the manufacturers are not required to provide nutritional values. Yes, pea proteins aren’t regulated by the FDA. Extracting proteins from dry peas will most likely remove most nutrients but the manufacturers aren’t responsible to share.⠀

🚫These protein powders contain toxins like arsenic, cadmium and lead and in high amounts. In 2018, the Clean Label Project tested 134 protein powders for 130+ toxins and found that plant-based products were the highest carrier of toxins with 75% of the products testing positive for lead.⠀

🌱Now you’re left with a heavy dose of allergens in plant proteins and a heavier concentrate of antinutrients.⠀

⁉️According to the USDA nutritional database, to get 27 grams of protein from whole peas, you would have to consume 3.5 cups of peas and 29 grams of fiber. 20 grams of a pea protein meat has only 2 grams of fiber.⠀

❓How is that possible?⠀

🤒People with reduced kidney function and possible gout should be careful before choosing to consume pea protein. Pea proteins are rich in purines and can convert to uric acid. Purines aren’t dangerous in normal amounts but excess amounts can make reduced functioning kidneys have a more difficult time reducing uric acid.⠀

⚖️Without the natural balance of the 9 essential amino acids, your body will have a harder time finding homeostasis.

You get all 9 in 🥩.⠀

💡If you want to eat peas, it’s probably best to consume the real thing. Legumes, GMO, antinutrients and all, at least peas are still a food.


CATG PODCAST: Ep 51. Long Term Carnivore. Chicken and Pork PUFAs


In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain episode, Laura and I share our thoughts on Dr. Cywes’ thoughts on long-term high fat being less than ideal. We also chat about PUFAs in chicken and pork.

  • Ordering Carnivore at restaurants
  • Is Carnivore high fat long term possible? — Dr. Cywes’ thoughts
  • Insulin spikes
  • Increase in triglycerides and sources of triglycerides
  • Jimmy Moore’s lean protein experiment
  • Lean protein consequences
  • Other ways to lose weight
  • What is high fat?
  • What are lean proteins?
  • 90% zero carb
  • Psychology side of weight loss
  • Blood sugar on carnivore
  • PUFAs
  • Seed oils, Pork, Chicken and Omega 6
  • Orthorexia vs. balancing real life


Thank you for all the kinds words and messages about the CATG podcast Ep 50 and 51. I showed a lot of emotion in both of these episodes and I think you picked up on it.


I really do care for the people and will always do my best to advocate for the community. I’m grateful to have this podcast to share my most honest thoughts with you.

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Nutrition with Judy PODCAST: How to Detox Your Body | Remove Toxins with this Effective Method — Dr. Jessica Peatross


I’m excited to share this talk with Dr. Jess Peatross. We talked about her Kill Bind Sweat Protocol, why you may not be getting better and why you may need to do a detox.

  • About Dr. Jess Peatross
  • Kill Bind Sweat Protocol
  • The inability to sweat
  • Thoughts on cleaning up the diet
  • Proper way to kill a toxin
  • Thoughts on parasite cleanse and the full moon ritual
  • EMFs and mold
  • Living in Green Bank, West Virginia for EMF sensitive patients
  • Thoughts on mold for MCAS and the sick building syndrome
  • Kill Bind Sweat Protocol tips
  • Thoughts on cholestyramine


You can listen here and watch here.


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Next week I share my interview with Vaughn Kohler. I’m excited about this interview as it shares steps to live a better life. I listened to Vaughn for many hundreds of episodes as the cohost of the MFCEO Project podcast with Andy Frisella.


Their podcast was how I got the inspiration of #Carnivore75Hard and why I will never ever charge for #Carnivore75Hard support. There’s a free #Carnivore75Hard course program and a Facebook community support group.


My interview with Brian Sanders will also release so make sure to check it out! It’s always fun chatting with Brian as we’re both Austin locals.


Make sure to come hang with us at the Austin meatup in April. It looks like it’s turning out to be a big one. The sponsor list is tentative but you get the first look!


I guess Texas really does things big! We hope to see you there. 💗




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