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Microblog: Your Practitioner Is Not Your Search Engine

Microblog: Your Practitioner Is Not Your Search Engine

Some clients ask me about everything under the sun. But there’s no self-advocacy giving just answers.

⚖️Some ask me about other carnivores’ ideologies. Is the winner the one that makes the most persuasive argument? (See the faultiness of doing this?)

🤕Some are debilitated by their illness (rightfully so) but have created an identity around it. Without autoimmune, thyroid, or gut issues, there is no identity. Some others mask their eating disorder with their illness.

⌛️Some try things for one month and say it doesn’t work.
Most illness takes decades of damage to appear.
So how are we expecting healing in a month or two?

❌Some have always been restricting and when they start to gain weight on carnivore, they think the diet doesn’t work compared to another on social media.

MAYBE social media isn’t fully honest.

⚠️While calories in/calories out doesn’t hold true, if you eat more than your body needs (or that it’s used to), you will gain weight—EVEN IF you’re just eating meat.

💡Sometimes we need to gain to heal initially. Figure out what’s a bigger priority (& why I’ll never be a weight loss coach.)

⛑The clients that stick it through are the ones that truly heal. I have clients that have reversed all SIBO, C.Diff, and Candida. Others have gotten off thyroid meds and hormone creams. Other have regained their monthly cycle.

NONE of these clients added back carbs.

🙋🏻‍♀️Clients that are proactive and actively work on their health, do the most healing. I have a client that tracks every single blood marker, the shifts in data, and how it relates to symptoms.

🦋And when I give her info, she probes and prods. Sure, it can be hard but we both grow. She’s healing faster than many.

PATIENCE is also key.

💡We shouldn’t expect to heal overnight. The overnight makeovers are sensational. Most don’t have those kinds of stories.

🤪I know when my clients aren’t following protocols. I know when a supplement runs out. I just play along. I’m a nutritionist, not your mother.

Where are you in this spectrum?

🚨No one knows your body better than you. Focus on healing. Stop comparing. Ignore the noise. Trust the process. There’s no award for thin but there’s LIFE after healing.

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