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Microblog: You Can Only Give What You Have

I was determined to teach my kids their self-worth. I wanted them to humbly stand on unshakeable grounds and have true confidence –confidence that doesn’t need titles or validation from others.

🛠I wanted to give them the tools that I had never learned. But how could I ever teach them self-love and self-worth when I didn’t know what that meant for me?

👩‍👦‍👦Kids learn through action, not words. Kids are the masters of mimicry. If we want our kids to love themselves unconditionally and be sure of themselves, we must model that behavior.

😎Sometimes we need to fake it until we make it. We must change our mindset. We need to change the thoughts in our heads and the words we use to talk to ourselves.

🗣We would NEVER talk to our best friend in the way we talk to ourselves when we fall down or when we make a mistake. So why do we think it’s okay to talk to ourselves that way?

💡Change your mindset.

💭Visualize your future and path to healing. Studies show that parts of the brain light up whether it’s visualized or actually being seen. So make it easier for your brain to visualize success and healing. Then let the visualizations manifest. We all know what we don’t want but how many of us visualize what we DO want?

💥Have you ever truly visualized what it might be to have optimal health? To be medicine-free? To be average weight? To be loved unconditionally?⠀

🧠Our mind is so powerful that our vision technically has a blind spot. Our minds view the world in such a way that you NEVER notice the blind spot unless you do tricks with your hands. What blind spot is your mind hiding?⠀

👥Practice mirroring neurons. The act of observing can allow neurons to mirror the behavior of the other, as though the observer were actually acting. This is why after police car chases on TV like OJ, there were many subsequent copycats. Mirroring neurons is real so be mindful of your environment.⠀

💙🧵It’s hard to love ourselves all the time but we MUST work to love ourselves daily. Have grace. Be compassionate.⠀

💎You MUST believe in yourself. Because the reality is that if you don’t, know one else will.

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