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Minnesota starvation study distorted self image eating disorder OMAD

Microblog: Why OMAD Could Be a Band-Aid (Part 3/3)

Minnesota starvation study distorted self image eating disorder OMAD

MN Starvation Study. See the last posts for additional context.

🍽Once the men were starved, their desire to prolong their eating times remind me of One Meal a Day (OMAD).

🙋🏻‍♀️I was OMAD for my first year of carnivore. But I noticed that I was increasing my food consumption slowly.

❤️‍🩹OMAD was a perfect bandaid: it permitted my bingeing habits to continue. I never learned to regulate meals and quantities.

💡If you land on OMAD because you feel best with OMAD, that may be okay.

🩹If you do OMAD because you can’t control yourself eating 2x a day, OMAD is a bandaid.

📚Some research shows that with OMAD and our digestive system, any fasting past 16 hours can affect the digestive system.

🦠Our bodies have less gastric juices and digestive enzymes, and when we eat a 2000-3000 calorie meal after almost 24 hours, it can cause a higher insulin spike and throw off our gut flora.

🧀One tip: don’t break fasts with dairy. Your gut mucosal layer is more sensitive to inflammation. When breaking a fast with dairy, you can have a prostaglandin response, triggering inflammation (BCM-7 & A1 Beta Casein) in the gut.

🤒This can then cause an immune reaction response, breaking down the gut wall and triggering autoimmune-type symptoms.


Back to the study:
Most of the men lost about 25% of their body weight, yet they did not see themselves as underweight. They viewed others as fat.

Some became preoccupied with their abdomen and complained about bloating and other gut discomforts.

It required the participants to initially consume more than 3200 calories to restore their nutrition and weight for their behaviors to then normalize.

💔Some men developed eating disorders (binge-eating). Many of the participants were warned against overeating, but without the caloric restrictions, some of the men began to engage in extreme overeating.

Everyone is susceptible to disordered eating. The perfect storm:
🔻Eating nutrient-poor foods
🔻Over fasting
🔻Overuse of stimulants

⛑This isn’t an easy topic but it’s worth considering for your longevity.

Thin ≠ Happiness

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