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Microblog: Why Negative Emotions Are Good

Microblog: Why Negative Emotions Are Good

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As a society, we like to medicate and remediate anything that is uncomfortable.

🔥We don’t like to sit with our feelings or the pain in our body.
But so often these feelings are bringing light to something you need.

💊We often would rather medicate and bring noise to our lives so we don’t have to deal with the hard things.

❤️‍🩹But it is in these hard things that we can often find healing.
When I no longer had food as a comfort to escape or celebrate, I had to sit with my feelings and actually feel.

🍇The low hanging fruit is always the easiest and may even seem beneficial in the moment, but the long-term, consistent hard work is what really brings about change.

🥩I love meat-only carnivore because it makes people finally have to face the music. You can binge off meaty foods but it’s not as easy or satisfying as carbs.

So inevitably, you will have to face the realities of your:
🔻Purpose in life

🔎And if you choose to still ignore these feelings by being busy or by other things, you won’t get to 100% healing.

Something will always be a little off.

💡So while it’s not easy: the hard work of sitting in your feelings and the uncomfortable pain in your body…

⛑Getting to the root-cause of these issues may just finally get your life back and have you closer to optimal health.

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