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Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Healing a Sick Body

Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Healing a Sick Body

One of the main reasons people try carnivore is to heal disease. Something’s not right in the body and standard care has failed them.

💉One of the main issues with sick care is a strong push for carbs. We are told to lower blood sugar by consuming multiple meals a day to regulate blood sugar.

🩸If you’re diabetic on meds and your blood needs to “regulate” in the 150’s by consuming food every 3 hours, sorry but that’s not health.

Nowhere near it.

⚠️But this is what we’re told to do. Once we are diagnosed with (T2) diabetes, we are told to eat grains and foods with lots of fiber.

🎈Let me tell you about my mom. My mom is 69 years young today.

👵🏼She was diagnosed with T2 diabetes years ago. She went on metformin and her blood sugars in the mornings were sometimes in the 180s. She followed doctor’s orders and cut most processed sugar but continued to eat fruit and grains.

🤒And while she followed her doctor’s advice, she ended up getting worsening asthma. Her knees and feet were so swollen by the day’s end that she wore a shoe size 8 when she normally wears a 6.5. She did all the tricks: acupuncture, herbals, compression socks, less water at night.

🥀Nothing worked. She eventually woke to use an inhaler. She scratched her skin until it bled (dermatitis). Never once did her doctor tell her to cut carbs. If her fasting glucose was in the 150s, it was considered pretty good.

⛑This is the care we live in today.

🥩My mom didn’t know anything about carnivore but was desperate for healing. My mom has been 95% carnivore since two years ago and thriving. She is off ALL meds and sleeps through the night. Her knee never hurts now and she rarely gets skin flare ups. Only when she eats off-plan.

💡So simple. Just eat meat. And start healing.

👥My mom’s journey and the journey of my clients is why I get upset hearing about women needing carbs for hormonal health. Or how having some fruit is okay. Maybe if you are metabolically healthy but MANY people come to carnivore because they have metabolic disease.

🤺I am not dogmatic. This is me standing up for my mom and my clients that need a mostly pure carnivore diet to even have a chance at life. ♥️

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