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Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Disordered Eating and Weight Loss

In @CarnivoreCure, I touch upon disordered eating.

🔆I finally healed from daily habits of disordered eating by removing all sugars from my body.

🍭Letting go of sweeteners and sugars has been life-changing for my mental health and poor relationship with food. I am no longer chained by the obsession over calories, my next meal and what will/will not make me gain weight.

⚠️But carnivore is not bullet-proof either. There are some people that use carnivore as a way to manage disordered eating.

🤕Orthorexia. If you are overly concerned with healthful eating that it gives you anxiety to eat outside, or if you fear ingredients in a meal not made by you, you may want to take a step back and figure out what’s going on.

🍽If you overly eat in a meal and then fast to make it better. Or if you have an off-plan day accidentally and then fast to get back on the meat-based train, you may want to figure out what’s going on. In this way, fasting is being used as a restrictive tool than a healing one.

🍳If you eat only certain cuts of meat because you know it manages your weight, you may want to consider what’s going on. Eating certain cuts and specific amounts is still indirectly counting calories.

⛔️No diet can fix an eating disorder but carnivore has a fighting chance by removing some of the most addictive foods.

💡If you find yourself using some disorder behaviors, it’s time to focus on healing your relationship with food. It’s worth exploring because you are so close to experiencing true food freedom.

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