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Microblog: Why Beef May Be Best for Satiety?

Microblog: Why Beef May Be Best for Satiety?

🐄For many, beef is the most preferred source of food on the carnivore diet. Even some of us who loved spare ribs and chicken wings, begin to shift to an all beef diet.

🏋🏻‍♀️From a nutritional perspective you know that all the meats are pretty nutrient dense. So then what is it?

🐟Beef does have more nutrients per ounce then chicken and pork. But salmon has more nutrients than beef in some aspects.

🦪You can add some variety as a side to your main dish of beef. I do that and also make it a point to add fish often as many people are fatty acid deficient.

🐓Also, if you’re going to eat liver often, I recommend more of the chicken variety than beef. You can always test your mineral levels with a hair tissue mineral test to be certain.

⚠️Beef liver is probably safe at 4 ounces a week, but this highly depends on your copper load. Some people may not be able to eat any beef liver if they have copper toxicity.


But you can probably eat a lot more chicken liver, if desired.

🐮Beef has a naturally perfect fat to protein ratio, a ratio perfect for getting into ketosis. It also has a rich amount of iron and myoglobin.

🥩When you cut into steak and see that red liquid? It’s not blood.

💉Most blood is removed during slaughter (think chicken and no blood). The red juice is a protein called myoglobin.

🧬Myoglobin helps muscle tissue store oxygen, just as hemoglobin does in your blood. The iron in myoglobin turns red when it binds with oxygen.

🌬Myoglobin is important as it stores oxygen in the muscle effectively. This is important when the body is starved for oxygen, such as exercise.

💔Myoglobin is also released with muscle damage and heart attacks. Makes sense. Your body is trying to release as much oxygen to help out.

🤔Maybe satiety is a bit of everything, with nutrient density being a strong factor— nutrient dense beef with a natural perfect ratio of fat and protein?

🥩What could be more satiating than that?





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