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Microblog: White House Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition and Health – Risks of MyPlate

Microblog: White House Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition and Health – Risks of MyPlate

The White House held a conference to “end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030, so that fewer Americans experience diet-related diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.”


📝As part of the conference, the White House released the “Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health” and a fact sheet on the $8B commitment that is part of the strategy.


💔The premise of healthy nutrition is based on MyPlate. MyPlate is USDA’s US Dietary Guidelines.

🌱MyPlate is very heavily plant-based and promotes proteins mostly from plant-based varieties.

Issues with a plant-based diet


1️⃣In terms of plant-based diets, many nutrients are lacking then just vitamin B12.


2️⃣Protein from plant-based foods doesn’t consider the required amino acid profile. Not all proteins are created equally.


3️⃣Humans aren’t meant to eat plant-based. Most plants are toxic to humans.


4️⃣Some toxins can have a hormetic effect, where the good outweighs the bad. But when you eat a primarily plant-based diet, the hormetic impact is no longer beneficial.


5️⃣What did our great-great grandparents eat?


6️⃣Regarding climate concerns, cows are not killing the planet, but the monocropping of genetically modified soy and corn is killing the planet.


🧨Fact Sheet: $8 Billion Commitments
$2.5 billion will be invested in start-up companies that are pioneering solutions to hunger and food insecurity. Two plant-based friendly companies, S2G Ventures and Food Systems for the Future, will lead the endeavor.

⚠️One of the companies that will work on “Enhancing Nutrition and Food Security Research” is the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Heart Association. I’ve done posts on their corruption.

⚠️If we don’t overhaul our MyPlate dietary recommendations, these issues won’t go away.


🥩We can use the $8B for regenerative agriculture, save our soils, sequester carbon, and eat nutrient-dense meats humans were intended to eat.


⛑️And while there’s no one “perfect diet” for everyone, MyPlate isn’t right for anyone.






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