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Microblog: The Benefits of Fasting

Microblog: The Benefits of Fasting

I’ve done a deep dive on weight loss and fasting but there are so many other benefits of fasting.⠀

✅We already talked about the expedited process in terms of gut healing, hormonal balance and in turn, weight loss. But there are other benefits with fasting.⠀

💫Just to name a few, like Carnivore, fasting reduces inflammation and also boosts the metabolism. It also resets the immune system, provides mental clarity, decreases insulin, balances blood sugar and increases ketones.⠀

🐄These are all benefits of a Carnivore diet but fasting shows these benefits more expeditiously. You will likely have these benefits on a low carb diet, it may just take longer.⠀

🏋🏻‍♀️There are other benefits of fasting that are more pronounced. Fasting increases the human growth hormone. While you’re fasting, your body produces human growth hormone (HGH) that can help you build muscle and rebuild bone mass. Fasting promotes the preservation of muscle mass, to help ensure human survival. A study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that levels of growth hormone increased four-fold after just two days of fasting.⠀

🔬Fasting also helps with Autophagy. We all know about autophagy by now. But here’s a brief summary:⠀

🧬Autophagy is the cleaning up of old broken-down cells. Fasting promotes autophagy “self-eating”, the cellular self-cleansing process that breaks down and recycles damaged molecules and cellular organelles. There is a similar process called apoptosis also known as programmed cell death. Cells, after a certain number of divisions, are programmed to die. This process is essential for good health.⠀

🧹Unlike apoptosis where the entire cell is cleaned up, autophagy cleans up portions of cells and new ones are rebuilt to replace it. So old cell membranes, organelles and other cellular debris can be removed.⠀

❓How long do you have to fast for autophagy?⠀

📖 Studies suggest that fasts between 24–72 hours probably have the strongest effects. Carnivores (Keto), will likely need to fast less and for shorter periods to induce autophagy. Exercise and restorative sleep can also support autophagy.

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