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Math Test - Can you Solve this Problem

Microblog: What Is the Correct Answer to This Math Problem?

Math Test - Can you Solve this Problem

What is THE correct answer to this math problem?

💡There is no one correct answer.

And why it’s a powerful demonstration of truth, facts, and “the right way.”

🔢A friend sent me this math problem and I shared it in my stories. I left it open ended and hundreds of people responded (listed in frequency order):




6, 9, 4, 0 and other words…

👩🏻‍🏫It seems like such a simple math equation but when you look closely, there are multiple answers based on your thought process, logic, and identification of patterns.

✅And all of them hold true.

I’ll say it again, all of them hold true.

When people ask me about the best:
🔅healing protocol
🔅detox protocol
🔅mold, heavy metal, candida, Lyme, parasite protocol
🔅bloodwork markers
🔅nutritional school
🔅way to support our health

💡the truth is there are many answers that hold true.

⛑The heavy lifting is finding the answer that works for you.

🥩And the truth is that meat works for most people. That’s why almost all elimination diets include meat.

💡Just remember that there are always multiple ways to solve a problem. Even if you know you are 100% right, someone else’s different approach can also be 100% right.

💡With all division in the world, maybe there are more truths than our own. Maybe we are more similar than we think.

💡That’s probably why there are two sides to most stories.

🍖And while everyone doesn’t think meat-based is healing, I can tell you in my life, in my parents’ and in my clients’ lives, it absolutely is.





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  • Christopher Wen
    January 31, 2024 at 3:27 am

    It’s 18 since the numbers that are times by are going down so it times by 10,9,8,7,6 so yep.

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