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Microblog: What is CIRS?

Microblog: What is CIRS?

After working with a thousand Carnivore clients, I know there sometimes is a deeper root cause issue. And one significant root cause is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).


🔥CIRS is a multi-system, multi-symptom inflammatory illness from exposure to a biotoxin. (e.g., water damaged buildings)


🦠Homes and buildings are issues because of the paper and porous material used that once in contact with water, can produce mold spores (if not completely dry) in 48 hours. Mold spores break down into dead particles and fragments that we end up breathing in. (why mycotoxin and air samples aren’t the best tests)


❤️‍🩹Some people can heal from mold exposure overtime (especially if they are removed from exposure) but an estimated 25% of the population cannot clear the toxins. That’s 40-70 million people.


🧠This ends up becoming chronic inflammation (and of the brain). Brain on fire then turns to brain on ice (grey matter atrophy).


🥩I suspect that in the population of Carnivores, CIRS is far greater than 25%, especially if all-meat Carnivore isn’t working enough after 6 months.


🔎If you’re going from a grade F to a C in health but still not having a good quality of life, dig deeper. Only eating certain meats and only the cleanest becomes a band aid. Always get to root cause.


If you still have:
🔸Chronic fatigue
🔸Gut imbalances
🔸Autoimmune flares
🔸Electrolyte issues
🔸Hormone and thyroid issues (low Testosterone & DHEA)
🔸Histamine issues
🔸Sleep issues
🔸Persistent candida (and fungal overgrowth, UTIs)
🔸Depression. Mind-racing


🚨If you have to use lots of biohacks to feel normal and follow all the latest wellness trends in hopes to finally find the answer


✔️You may want to test for CIRS.


🐟Meat-only carnivore IS healing. For some people it may not be the last puzzle of their healing journey, but it’s still a big one.


⛑I will always advocate for an all-meat carnivore diet as a baseline of health. And I will always advocate for root-cause healing, whether meat is the final piece or a pivotal part of the healing journey.


🌟 We all deserve a chance to live a life symptom-free.


Learn more: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/cirs










CIRS Support

nwj cirs group


For individuals seeking comprehensive practitioner-led and community support on their mold illness journey, we welcome you to join our exclusive NwJ CIRS Group Support. Join today for access to extensive resources, a like-minded community, and unparalleled care as we journey to root-cause healing together.


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