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Microblog: Weight Loss Fasting Protocol

Microblog: Weight Loss Fasting Protocol

Before I get into any fasting protocols, I want to put a disclaimer. I believe Carnivore can have similar healing powers as fasting. As I’ve already mentioned, I believe using fasting as an ADJUNCT to Carnivore seems to speed up the process of healing.⠀

⚠️All these posts are also not to be treated as medical advice but as nutritional therapy support. Always consult with your PCP.⠀

❓On carnivore, supplements and fasting may not be necessary in the long run but in a world of instant gratification, who doesn’t want faster healing?⠀

👨🏻‍⚕️From the experience of the IDM program, after treating thousands of patients, here’s what they’ve found.⠀

🚺It is recommended that women fast for a minimum of 36 hours to really feel the benefits of fasting. Men can seem to get away with much less.⠀

🚹Per IDM, “Most non-diabetic men experience significant success following a 16:8 fasting regimen daily or fasting intermittently for 24 hours. Women don’t appear to have the same success with either of those regimens.⠀

🚺Most women, especially at the start, achieve success doing 36 or 42 hours of intermittent fasting. It isn’t a significant amount more than men, but it’s just enough to have a significant impact on our waistlines. A 42 hour fast done three times a week has been the most successful fasting protocol for women looking to lose weight.”⠀

❓What does this look like?⠀

⏱It’s fasting from Sunday dinner to Tuesday afternoon, dinner Tuesday to Thursday afternoon, dinner Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Eating 1-2 meals: Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun. You can open the eating window a bit and make the fasts only 36 hours. In the end, you are fasting alternate days during the week.⠀

⛔️OMAD isn’t recommended outside of maintenance as your body may read it as calorie restriction and lower your BMR overtime. Alternate day fasting is what IDM recommends for best results.⠀

🥩Carnivore is a powerful healing tool and I have been trying to implement 36-hour fasts for health and BMR benefits. If you have perpetuating health issues, I would look into extended fasting.

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