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Microblog: US Dietary Guidelines Remove Dietary Cholesterol Upper Limits

Microblog: US Dietary Guidelines Remove Dietary Cholesterol Upper Limits

DID YOU KNOW? Pre-2015, the US dietary guidelines recommended limits on fat and cholesterol.


⚠️Eggs and all fats were limited because of their cholesterol content.


❌In 2015, the US Dietary guidelines removed cholesterol upper limits and the 35% limit on total dietary fat.




💡There are no dietary limits for cholesterol and dietary fat.


So why the removal?


💣There wasn’t enough scientific evidence and no significant relationship between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol.


🚨Not only that, once the EU enacted a law to “secure clarity and fairness in clinical trials” (read: no conflicts of interests), the cholesterol-lowering medications showed INEFFECTIVE in preventing atherosclerotic disease.


❓If reducing cholesterol doesn’t prevent atherosclerotic disease (heart disease), why are we scared of saturated fat and animal fats?


❓The recommendation to lower dietary fats and cholesterol was also issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH). Where were the news headlines when these dietary changes were made?


❓Why are the WHO and NIH (Fauci) STILL recommending linoleic acid-rich (rancid) seed oils, such as canola oil?


❓What is the fear around animal fats? If it’s the fear around cholesterol, well that’s been debunked.


❓Why are we still being prescribed statins if reducing cholesterol (LDL and total) doesn’t really matter with heart disease?


💰Oh, maybe because it’s the number one selling prescription drug, and a billion dollar annual business.


⚠️Question the dietary recommendations.


⁉️If they were wrong about the reduction of cholesterol to prevent atherosclerotic disease, what else are they wrong about?


❓Dariush Mozaffarian is the senior researcher for TUFTS Compass Guide, rating all animal fats and fats, as bad. In 2015, he published that the dietary fat limits were removed from the Dietary Guidelines. In 2022, what made him believe that dietary fat was bad again when defining the TUFTS Compass Guide?


❓ Still believe that animal fats are bad?

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