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Microblog: Toxins – Internal vs External

Microblog: Toxins – Internal vs External

❓So what exactly are toxins?
❓What adds to the toxin bucket list?

💡Remember, it’s the accumulation of many toxins that cause disease and illness. Our genetics will affect what toxins turn on illness but lowering overall exposure in the environment, is ideal.

🦄This is why bioindividuality matters and personalized care matters.

⚠️Many of the internal toxins start from a bad environment.

🚨Buy toxicity occurs within the body when the amount of stressors, at any one time, are too much for our body to handle.

🪣Our bodies can only handle so much at once and that is what the bucket depicted: the concept of the “Total Load.”

⚠️“Total Load” is essentially the number of stressors the body can handle at any one time safely.

🥀When this threshold is passed and there are more stressors than the body can handle, the body becomes overloaded. (becomes toxic, sick, unwell).

🐪That’s why people usually get sick from one defining moment. It was the final straw.

🧳Imagine cramming more clothing in your suitcase when it is already too full to zip. You might have room for one shirt but eventually the suitcase will break.

⚖️Some of us show the toxic load quickly. But for some of us, it can take years of accumulated toxins and stress before symptoms are noticeable.

🍃That’s why some do well on plant-based diets initially. I did it for 12 years before I ended up in a hospital.

🔅Some of the first signs of toxicity and a weakened body is getting sick much more than usual, sleeping poorly and having unstable moods.

💡It’s impossible to remove every single toxin.

🛡But figure out what toxins you will fight to remove from your toxic load.

💡And don’t overwhelm yourself with perfection. It doesn’t exist.

🪣Perfection/fearing everything is also a stress to the body.

⛑For me, I chose to remove most plant-based foods, processed foods, not-so-ideal relationships, and turning off the news.


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