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Microblog: Tips on How to Practice Self-Care

Microblog: Tips on How to Practice Self-Care

🏆I hope you prioritize self-care. Self-care allows us to be our best selves and allows us to be there for our loved ones.

🥴One of the things I prioritize for my adrenally-taxed clients is to self-care. Part of the reason they may wake up is because of an imbalance in macros consumed (2:1 fat to protein is ideal) but some of it can be stress-induced.

💡Because all of this is related to cortisol spikes.

💆🏻‍♀️So instead of watching the news, I recommend no screen time for a few hours before bed. Instead, practice meditation, tapping and gratitude.

❓It doesn’t matter how bad your day is, what are 3 things you are grateful for?

🌈Focus on the good and let go of the bad. Your adrenals/sleep depend on it. Mindset is everything. Visualizations are everything.

✅ Focus on a to-do list. There is something about finishing your to-dos and checking off tasks that give you a sense of accomplishment. This helps to lift moods. It also helps your mind stop running through everything you need to complete the next day. (Let the adrenals relax).

🍭It’s easy to go back to “comfort foods” in states of fear and stress. But more than ever, we must eat foods that will nourish our bodies. Our neurotransmitters and mental health depend on it, literally.

🦾Muscle through your self-care tools. Use your IF THIS, THEN THAT statements. (Resources in #Carnivore75Hard’s free program). If anything, when cravings come, try to eat more meat.

🚫By now you realize, sugar will never fix the problem. But no matter what, have self-compassion. There is no award for diet compliance.

⛑I’ve worked with a lot of sick people this year and the key difference with their healing is the unyielding hope in healing. The first step towards healing is the belief that it’s possible. Get the body strong to get the mind strong. One day, one meal at a time.♥️

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