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Microblog: This Is How Our Family Ribeye Looks Like

This is how our family Ribeyes. (We have 3 of these per meal). We do not share ONE ribeye!

👦🏻My kids love fat but rarely the kind from meats. The texture is a little too chewy for them. So for now, I cook the fat from meats a little longer (for a crispier texture) and I add extra tablespoons of butter per meal.

🍳And for extra saturated fat, they probably eat about 5 eggs daily.

🧈And with even more butter.

🧠The brain is 60% fat—specifically cholesterol, why wouldn’t they eat high fat with their growing brain and bodies?

🥩I eat mostly fat (75-80% of total calories) as it supports my energy levels, hormones and skin/hair. No, fat does not make you fat. But excess calories can and so can a broken metabolism.

🥀There’s a lot of noise in the world right now. And there is a lot of misinformation as to what can fuel a body for optimal health.

🐂If you want to be ready for whatever’s coming, the best you can do is to eat all the saturated fats (from animal-based foods) and red meats.

🛡Fuel the brain and body so you can have better mental health and a stronger body. Armor up.

👥We can help change the narrative by what we decide goes in our bodies and what we spend our time and money on.

📖And don’t let anyone tell you different. If you question anything about red meat, animal fats and disease, read @carnivorecure. You will see the light.

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