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Microblog: The Wim HOF Breathing Technique

Microblog: The Wim HOF Breathing Technique

Since breathing+meditation techniques are proven effective, let’s talk about the Wim Hof breathing technique. The Wim Hof Method also include Mindset and Cold Therapy but I am going to focus just on the breathing component.

🌬Inhaling oxygen is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, which includes the parasympathetic (rest & relax) and sympathetic (fight/flight).

Here are the steps to the Wim Hof Breathing:
1️⃣30 deep breaths in, with 30 small breaths out.
2️⃣Breathe in taking in as much air as possible, then breath out normally to reset your stomach to breathe in again.
3️⃣After 30 breaths, hold the final breath in for as long as possible.
4️⃣When you can’t hold your breath any longer, breathe out, then one last time, take a big deep breath in and hold for 15 secs.
5️⃣REPEAT 3-4x

30 Breaths with emphasis on the inhale
1 Breath
Hold for 15 secs

⚠️Stay relaxed for a few secs when your body starts to react and wants to get air into your lungs. Feeling a little dizzy is normal in the process but make sure to be seated and in a safe place.

🔅Breathe properly and oxygen in tissues increase and adrenaline floods the body. Hof’s breathing technique, helps pull in more oxygen than is usually needed and stimulates the ANS.

🧘🏽By training your breath actively, you increasingly gain control over many physiological processes.

🥵Adrenaline increases awareness, strength, breathing rate, energy and body temperature. If you can control your adrenaline, as Hof says, you can control your body.

🔮Hof believes that if you know how to breathe right, you can regain control over your own bodily functions. You will be able to channel the adrenaline for a beneficial outcome. When everything is on the line, the key is to keep breathing.

🧠Your brain and body need oxygen to perform optimally. Stress leads to heavy, shallow breathing which in turn leads to even more stress. Deep, intentional breathing calms us down.

💡This is one of the reasons why meditation is effective at relieving stress. When you’re aware of the connection between breathing and your mental/physical state, you can train yourself to better manage all things (stress).

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