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Microblog: The Very Many Benefits of Red Meat

Microblog: The Very Many Benefits of Red Meat

Red meat has been demonized for too long when it is a super food. And make sure to get the red meat with extra fat!

😓I’m grateful for my pockets that the fattier ground beefs are cheaper but it shows how wrong our nutritional guidance is currently.

⛑We need fat for so many reasons, some including: hormone health, immune health, skin health and mental health.

💡If you cook ground beef on the pan, make sure to use all the drippings in the pan, otherwise you’re eating lean ground beef.

🦠And if you get loose stools when you consume rendered fat, it’s time to heal your gut.

⚠️You should be able to tolerate any amount of fat—even 80% of total calories. Yes, if you can’t, you need some gut healing.

❓So why is digestion so important?

🔄Just because an 8 oz serving of meat has 142% of your DV% for vitamin B12, that does not mean you are absorbing all of it. We are all different. There are many co-factors and enzymes in the body that need to all play nicely (and be present) together for nutrients to do their job.

🧬Let me give you the example of digestion. B12 is primarily created in the large intestine (some B12 can be absorbed in the small intestine). If you’re digestive process is not functioning optimally, much of the B12 may not get absorbed.

🚽If you ate low-fat and now switching to meat-based, your gallbladder may be struggling. Your gallbladder has to release bile in order for fat to break down. (Liver has bile too). With a low-fat diet, the bile can get old and when fat needs to be broken down, the gallbladder tries to contract but is unable to release the viscous bile. Enter rancidity in the colon and the runs.

💊If you have leaky gut, it’s likely you need digestive support. Fix your gut to really ensure you’re absorbing your nutrients.

🥩 But even if you have a health condition, metabolic disorders or autoimmune issues, you will have a better chance at absorbing nutrients from meat than from vegetables, especially nutrients like iron and B12.

Oh wait, vegetables don’t have B12. 😅

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  • Olivia Smart
    December 7, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    Thank you for explaining that you need fat for hormone, immune, skin, and mental health. My husband and I have been wondering if we should cut red meat out of our diet or if it’s something that we should eat semi-regularly. It seems like it can do so much for our overall health so we’ll look to find ways to include it more in our diets in a healthy way.

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