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Microblog: The US and NZ Are the Only Countries That Allow Pharmaceutical Drug Commercials

Ever notice any media platform you’re on, you get fed drug ads?

⚠️The US and NZ are the only countries where drug makers are allowed to market prescription drugs directly to consumers.

📺In 1997, when the FDA relaxed its guidelines around media advertisements, U.S. consumer drug advertising started on TV.

❗️The FDA does not approve prescription drug ads in advance.

❗️Ads are submitted to the FDA ONLY when they FIRST appear in public.

‼️Consumers can see inaccurate ads BEFORE the FDA had time to review them and make corrections.

👨🏻‍⚕️Ads work so well that most doctors don’t have to recommend medications. Their patients push for the sale.

💰In 2016, $5.2 BILLION was used by the drug industry in advertising.

💸Drug advertising increased by 60% from 2012-2016.

💡And if you’re a business, advertising is a business expense that gets tax write-offs.

💡Another fun fact: If you’re a business, you CANNOT write off donations to political anythings. But you CAN write off donations to registered 501(c) charities. (e.g., the Gates Foundation)

😅(who knew 12 years in mgmt. consulting would help with holistic nutrition content)

💵In 2020, the largest TV advertisers in the U.S. were drug companies.

💊In July 2020, Roche’s Ocrevus, a multiple sclerosis drug, ranked 2nd based on TV advertising spending, with the month’s total being $16.2 M.

🏆Humira ranked first, with TV ad spend hitting $34.1 M.

❗️Just to clarify, that’s ONE month of advertising.

🔟In 2015, these drugs were part of the top 10 most advertised drugs.

Ever heard of, but never taken:

Now you know why.

🥩 It’s time we take back our health. The first step is with the foods we put in our mouths.












Image Source: CNN

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