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Microblog: The Toxic Load to the Body

Toxic Load to the Body

Microblog: The Toxic Load to the Body

Toxic Load to the Body

We are told to be wary of:
🐂Meat sourcing (grain fed vs. grass finished)

🌱Plant toxins (antinutrients, chemicals, GMOs)







🧾Endocrine Disruptors


🪨Heavy Metals

🤕Stressors (mental and physical)

⚠️Yes, our modern day lives are filled with toxins, hormone-disrupting chemicals that disrupt our bodies, impact our microbiome population and breed depression and dysfunction.

🚨But newsflash: we cannot avoid everything.

⛑One of the reasons holistic health is too much for people is that there’s just too much to worry about. But worrying and stress is ALSO a drop in the toxin bucket.


✖️Stop worrying about EVERYTHING.

❓Is your bucket full?

❓Are you dabbling in EVERYTHING toxic?

It is the accumulative load of MANY poisons that alter our:
🪣mitochondrial dysfunction,
🪣nutrient deficiencies,
🪣autoimmune disease,
🪣hormonal imbalances,
🪣psychological problems,
🪣neurological disorders,

But I can promise you, the bucket is not full because of:
💡the lack of sugar (or carbs)
💡the grain fed beef.
💡the mercury in PFA’ed salmon and/or sardines.
💡the store-bought chicken.

So what do you do?
🥩The simplest (most affordable) way to lessen the load of the toxic-bucket, is by eating only meat.

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