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Microblog: The Symptoms and Solutions of Fasting

Microblog: The Symptoms and Solutions of Fasting

These fasting symptoms and solutions also seem to hold true when beginning a carnivore diet.

🧂Our bodies tightly regulate our electrolyte levels, and a sudden dietary change can throw off our body’s homeostasis.

💧Electrolyte deficiencies can cause fatigue, mental fog, weakness and headaches.

💦Remember to hydrate properly. It takes time (20-30 mins) from water to get from your stomach and to your muscles.

Add a pinch of natural salt under your tongue or in a glass of water every 3 hrs to stave off deficiencies.

Drink bone broth. (If you’re fat fasting).

🧻Diarrhea can happen due to a dramatic drop in insulin which signals to the kidneys to excrete excess water, which can result in watery and unwanted bowel movements.

🥘IDM recommends 1 TBSP of psyllium husk. Stir into 1 cup of water, let it sit for 5-10 mins before drinking it first thing in the AM. Repeat again, later if needed.

⚠️Be mindful of electrolytes when having the runs. But too many electrolytes can cause more runs. Oh, the body.

🚽If you feel constipated, try drinking water or magnesium citrate to help hydrate your colon and get things moving along. Exercising will also help with constipation.

🛌Insomnia and anxiety are due to the production of the counter regulatory hormone adrenaline that is produced when we start fasting. It boosts our metabolic rate and helps us feel energized.

🛀🏼Take Epsom salt baths. Lather yourself in magnesium spray in the evening. Take magnesium bis-glycinate or malate 4-6 hours before bed.

🔥If you suffer from reflux, your reflux will likely improve dramatically once your body has adapted to fasting.

Add 1-3 TBSP of lemon juice to your water throughout the day

Add 1-3 TBSP of apple cider vinegar to your water

Licorice tea may help prevent reflux

Avoid broth and pickle juice

Avoid spearmint of peppermint teas as they can make acid reflux worse.

🌬Bad breath. Blame it on the ketones⠀

Oil pull with coconut oil 2-3 times a week⠀

Brush your teeth more often⠀

Use a tongue scraper⠀

Drink more water⠀

❄️Cold extremities. It is common to feel cold during extended fasting. Your body is burning fat.⠀

Keep yourself with warm with movement.

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