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Microblog: Potassium in Meat? Yes!

Microblog: Potassium in Meat? Yes!

Where did we learn that bananas are the richest form of potassium?

🥴There are at least 10 plant-based foods that are higher in potassium than bananas (per 100 gram servings).

🪨We talk about the need for minerals and electrolytes on low-carb, ketogenic, meat-based, carnivore diets.

🍯Yes, we don’t feel electrolyte deficiencies on a carb-filled diet—we retain more water.

⚠️But that doesn’t mean you’re sufficient in electrolytes. You may just be masking the issue with excess water.

❤️‍🩹Eating carbs to feel better balanced with electrolytes may just be a band-aid.

But it’s not getting to root cause.

🍌Bananas or avocados don’t give you more potassium than say, pork.

🐖For one, gram for gram, pork trumps both in potassium amounts.

🐷Two, there’s less sugar in pork to mess with the electrolyte/mineral balance.

🍬High sugar intake with elevated insulin has shown to INCREASE the excretion of magnesium by the kidneys (tubular reabsorption), which also happens with calcium.

🍭So more sugar requires more need for magnesium (and calcium).

⬇️And magnesium depletion produces secondary potassium depletion.

🥑Avocados are a decent option if you don’t have sensitivities to plant toxins.

🥓But if you do, pork is always a better option.

💡As we’ll see in this mineral series, plant-based foods aren’t the only ones with minerals.



❓Masking electrolyte issues?


⚠️But that’s not fixing mineral/electrolytes imbalances.

Maybe eating meat-based helps us to get closer to root cause.

💡Heal mineral imbalances first.

⛑THEN if you decide to add fruit thereafter (for taste, for variety, for pleasure), that’s a great place to be.


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