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Microblog: The Old Me (Beef Only + Liver) and the New Me (Animal Variety)

Carnivore Shouldn’t Be Beef Only

Microblog: The Old Me (Beef Only + Liver) and the New Me (Animal Variety)

Carnivore Shouldn’t Be Beef Only

I advocate for nutrient-density. We know meat is the most nutrient-dense, bio-available food. But as many people adopt meat-based, we’re seeing some issues arise. As a nutritionist that likes data, well, here’s my analysis.

💇🏻‍♀️I’ve had many clients take the hair mineral test and their copper is in excess. Well, they’re eating lots of liver. And by a lot, I mean they’re eating 1 ounce daily.

⚠️Vitamin A toxicity is a risk but it seems less of an issue than copper.

🤯Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be bad.

💡If you don’t feel well on carnivore, try the HTMA test and eat a variety of meats. Numbers don’t lie.

📊I only shared deficiencies that were UNDER 50%. We don’t need to focus on RDA and daily values, but I think it’s safe to AT LEAST hit closer to 50%. Not every day but a few times a week. If you are only eating beef and don’t feel well, you might be deficient in some nutrients.

🥩If you need to do a beef-only elimination protocol like outlined in @CarnivoreCure, it’s fine while you heal the gut but not for long term.

What I recommend to my clients:

🦪Eat salmon, sardines, herring, oysters for calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium and biotin. No, I have not seen mercury toxicity yet so for now, the good outweighs the bad.

🐖Eat pork for thiamin. Salmon has a good amount but just 9 ounces of pork belly gives you 100% of your daily value. Thiamin is needed for mineral balancing, something many carnivores struggle with.🤯

🧈Eat butter. It gives adequate amounts of vitamin A.

🍳Eat lots of egg yolks for folate.

🐓Eat chicken wings for molybdenum.

🐟Most people are fatty acid deficient. You will not get enough omega 3s without fish. Do your skin, brain, mood, inflammation and autoimmune a favor by consuming more fatty fish. At least 3-4 times a week.

🚨Liver is not the only superfood on a carnivore diet, and while it’s very rich in certain nutrients, it can be toxic if you eat too much and unfortunately, it misses the mark with several nutrients.

⛑I’ve been making rounds on podcasts talking about how ideal carnivore is eating a variety even without organs. And now you know why. And THIS is why I like data.♥️









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