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Microblog: The Insulin Response

I’ve been reviewing the figures in @CarnivoreCure and I came across this graphic that did not make the cut but still too good not to share. (Source: @drjasonfung Obesity Code). Let’s take a closer look:

1) 23% of insulin response is from glucose
2) 10% from fats and proteins
3) 67% of the insulin response is unknown
4) High cortisol (stress & high-carb diet) causes an insulin response
5) Fructose (in fruits and HFCS) not only causes an insulin response, it causes insulin resistance. So much so that Fung placed fructose all on its own
6) Vinegar when taken with meals, has been found to lower blood sugar and insulin by up to 34%. Vinegar in sushi rice, for example, has been found to lower the glycemic index of rice by nearly 40%.
7) Fiber can also inhibit the absorption of carbs which then reduces the insulin response. This is why consuming apples with the skin-on is better from a glucose-insulin response but likely not from a glyphosate-herbicide point of view.

Other Insulin Response Considerations

⚠️Fiber can also cause troubles in the digestive process. These are all interesting discussions that should ultimately focus on the sourcing of plant food and the bio-individuality of the person.

💡Optimizing health. In @CarnivoreCure, I cite a lot of research about vitamin D and other nutritional findings. There are studies that go every which way and stress over optimizing health by 1% is just not conducive to our well-being. As you see above, stress itself causes an insulin response.

❌By removing most of the toxic foods, oils, and high antinutrient plants, we are already winning. Let’s focus on healing with meat, using support and levers when needed, and ultimately trusting the body.

🧬We forget to consider genetics and the ability of the body to work its magic. Instead of worrying over every new hot topic, let’s stay consistent with a meat-based, nutrient-rich diet.

💡Let’s also focus on healing with more sleep, more community, reducing stress, and not sweating the small stuff. Because at the end of the day, we just don’t know for sure. ⠀

🥩But what we know, tried and true, is that limiting carbohydrates and eating a meat-based diet, heals. And heals a lot. ♥️

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