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Microblog: The Hardest Addiction Is Food

Microblog: The Hardest Addiction Is Food

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Food addiction, disordered eating and eating disorders are very real.

🙋🏻‍♀️I lived it for over 15 years.

⚖️It doesn’t help that our society advocates for moderation with food.

✅You can say no to alcohol and drugs.
People are supportive.

✅You can say no to spending or going out.
People are supportive.

🚫But when you say no to hyper palatable processed foods, people are not supportive.

⚠️The problem is that everyone is susceptible to issues with hyperpalatable foods.

Frankly, they shouldn’t be considered food.

🍩So these foods, with the lab-created perfect balance of sugar, fat, and salt, make our brain’s reward centers craving for more.

We turn to food:
🔻For comfort.
🔻For an escape.
🔻To numb.
🔻To celebrate.
🔻To relieve stress.
🔻For control (and lack of).

🥀The problem is that these foods that once provided us some emotional support, now become a drug that consumes our life.

💔We think about our next fix.
💔We belittle and shame ourselves when we can’t stop.
💔We have brain fog and inflammation.
💔We start having blood sugar issues, insulin resistance.
💔We become emotionally unstable.

Many people believe that food addiction is not a serious illness. Especially compared to hard drugs and alcohol.

💡The healing process for any addiction is abstinence.

❓How do you abstain from food?

You can’t.

🥩But if you eat meat-only carnivore, you can heal your body and mind from hyperpalatable processed junk. Take baby steps, but you can then start working on why you turned to food in the first place.

⛑The process to remove all processed carbs isn’t easy. But it sure is rewarding when you get your life back.

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