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Microblog: The Essential Minerals and Vitamins of the Egg

Microblog: The Essential Minerals and Vitamins of the Egg

🎉Final @CarnivoreCure egg infographic! Yes it looks squished. Imagine it in a 6×9 (rectangular) color book. It’ll look better.

🥚Most of the other nutrition infographics look similar to the ones I’ve shared but I love this egg.

🧠I’ve recreated these nutrient-dense infographics so many ways now, that I’m beginning to memorize daily values!

❓Want to hear a not-so-interesting-fact that you’ll probably never care about but secretly kind of think it’s interesting?

❗️B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 are all in milligrams. You would think then that B9 and B12 would be in milligrams (mg). Right?

❌Wrong. They are in micrograms (mcg).

🤷🏻‍♀️Makes sense for other vitamins and minerals, but you would think all the vitamin Bs would be the same. Makes me wonder how accurate the daily values are…

I digress.

🍳If you can tolerate eggs, I highly recommend having them. After doing so much research on nutrient profiles for meats, egg yolks are truly a perfect nutrient-rich food.

📖I have a full blog post that talks about eggs, how to choose them and even some egg carnivore recipes. You can find it here: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/the-incredible-edible-egg/.

💡I know so many people believe the richer the amber yolk, the more nutrient-rich the egg. Sorry but that’s not entirely true. Go read the blog post and you’ll know why.

Or get the @carnivorecure book.

Some tips for individuals not tolerating eggs:

  • Try a cleaner version such as pasture-raised corn/soy-free eggs 
  • If histamines are an issue, try eating only the yolk
  • Try quail and duck eggs – some individuals tolerate these better than chicken eggs
  • If sulfur is an issue, molybdenum can be used to help detox temporarily while you look for the root cause 

📝I’ve also been writing occasional blog posts and have been bad about sharing. There’s one on migraines, foods to eat to live forever and one on hand sanitizers.

Egg Nutritional & Allergen Information

🔥Egg Post Carousel!
Make sure to save this post because it has all things egg info!

🥚I am getting questions about egg allergens and I do talk about this in @CarnivoreCure and my blog post. (https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/the-incredible-edible-egg/)

🚨Albumin is the protein that causes an anaphylactic shock for some people that have severe allergens. One way to circumvent this is by boiling the egg, which will remove most of the egg whites.

🦆You can also try duck or quail eggs as they have less albumin.

👨🏻‍⚕️Work closely with your doctor if you may have egg allergens– you don’t want to risk a severe allergic reaction.

⚠️But don’t work too closely with your doctor if they’re recommending a flu shot. They also contain egg whites.

⚔️The more you know.

More on this in @CarnivoreCure.








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