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Microblog: The Essential Minerals and Vitamins of the Egg

Microblog: The Essential Minerals and Vitamins of the Egg

🎉Final @CarnivoreCure egg infographic! Yes it looks squished. Imagine it in a 6×9 (rectangular) color book. It’ll look better.

🥚Most of the other nutrition infographics look similar to the ones I’ve shared but I love this egg.

🧠I’ve recreated these nutrient-dense infographics so many ways now, that I’m beginning to memorize daily values!

❓Want to hear a not-so-interesting-fact that you’ll probably never care about but secretly kind of think it’s interesting?

❗️B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 are all in milligrams. You would think then that B9 and B12 would be in milligrams (mg). Right?

❌Wrong. They are in micrograms (mcg).

🤷🏻‍♀️Makes sense for other vitamins and minerals, but you would think all the vitamin Bs would be the same. Makes me wonder how accurate the daily values are…

I digress.

🍳If you can tolerate eggs, I highly recommend having them. After doing so much research on nutrient profiles for meats, egg yolks are truly a perfect nutrient-rich food.

📖I have a full blog post that talks about eggs, how to choose them and even some egg carnivore recipes. You can find it here: https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/the-incredible-edible-egg/.

💡I know so many people believe the richer the amber yolk, the more nutrient-rich the egg. Sorry but that’s not entirely true. Go read the blog post and you’ll know why.

Or get the @carnivorecure book.

📝I’ve also been writing occasional blog posts and have been bad about sharing. There’s one on migraines, foods to eat to live forever and one on hand sanitizers.

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