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Microblog: The Endocrine System Manages All Hormones in the Body

Microblog: The Endocrine System Manages All Hormones in the Body

The endocrine system manages all your hormones in the body. The endocrine cascade usually starts with blood sugar imbalances and CASCADES all the way down to sex hormone IMBALANCES overtime. Pictorially, this is a great representation of how things start breaking down in the body.

⚠️Your adrenal glands didn’t start to dysfunction overnight. Neither did your thyroid or sex hormones. Like the multiple relational graphics I shared, the endocrine system which includes the adrenals, hormones and thyroid is a very complex system. Administering one hormone replacement here or there is not ideal.

👩🏻‍🏫Let me give you an example.

1️⃣Adrenal function is favored over reproduction, metabolic rate and other endocrine functions for pure survivability. The adrenal glands get priority over nutrients and hormonal precursors from the rest of the endocrine system.

🚨Yes, if you are stressed, your body will STEAL the nutrients from your sex hormones for your adrenals.

👩🏻‍⚕️Doc says to get some progesterone or pregnenolone for deficiencies. Well, sorry but this just gives up even more sex hormone reserves and exogenous hormones to MAKE cortisol.

Got that?

💡Your sex hormone deficiency can be caused by too much cortisol needs and stress responses. And by giving your body exogenous sex hormones, you may just increase the cortisol and stress load in the body, which further depletes your sex hormones.

⁉️Do you then increase the sex hormone dosage even more?

🔥It’s ideal not to supplement pregnenolone, progesterone or even cortisol until your body is under less stress. Otherwise, you are fueling the fire.

🥩Work on healing the endocrine cascade offenders:
– Stress
– Toxins
– Poor diet
– Poor digestion (gut health)
– Mineral deficiencies
– Essential Fatty Acid deficiency
– Dehydration

*Note: how are you absorbing minerals and EFAs with poor gut health? If you can’t break down foods to absorb nutrients and use fats for hormones then you are really at a disadvantage.

🙏🏼Let’s stop wholly blaming fasting or zero carb. It deters people from finding the root cause and instead focuses on using temporary band-aids and playing blame games.


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